whats is the "buck roar"

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by boomer_x7, Nov 6, 2009.

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    so what is the buck roar. i thought it wasjust a sceem for anew grunt call untill this mourning. i have grunted in alot of deer and heard alot of deer grunt and never heard what i heard today. This mourning i was working a buck in with my grunt. hewas taking his timebut i was getting him in. Then when everything seemed to being going right, ten feet from where i would get a shot, he let out a grunt that sounded mnore like a roar than a grunt. and then trotted of the other way. i couldnot see if there was another deer he went after or what. Then a few minutes later i heard him again and then again after that. It didnt seem to scare any of the other deer passing through but he wouldnot respond to any calls after. So can any one tell me is there a "buck roar" what it means ... ect