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    Montcalm Co.
    Used to be one around Cedar springs.
    Have not seen any sign of them for years now.
    The one guy had a piece of plywood he dragged them into the truck with.

    Here's a scenario that still has me wondering...
    What were assumed to be road hits (road rash and broken limbs on some) were dumped in a pile on state land on a steep creek bank. Not uncommon for a few to several to be there.
    That was pre C.W.D.. I have not scouted the site in a long time to know the last dumping year.
    But such would be questionable today.
    The question I guess would be who dumped them , and when did they stop?
    Yet it is over shadowed by carcasses still being dumped along roads and parking areas in the zone...
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    FWIW, the DNR picked up road kill deer in the beginning of the CWD program to get a larger number of samples because the first deer was found in Spring, April or May, if I remember correctly the issue being that it was going to be a long time until deer season. So far they have tested almost 4300 roadkill deer and 1 has been found to have CWD. Probably not the best use of resources that could go to buy more testing kits instead of fueling up a truck and paying some state worker 4's to drive around all day. If WU or another group like that could do it that would be great but I don't see the state or counties funding it.

    Ingham county used to have a Dead Animal Recovery Team (DART), it was inmates who were first time offenders and low risk and all they did was drive around and pick up dead animals. I don't know what they did with the dead deer, I assume they got tested too because some of that would have been in the core area. But the program only lasted a short time because of budget cuts.
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