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    Montcalm Co.

    Waiting until opportunity arises? What action put you in a position of deliberately expanding "your" herd?

    "If hunters would". If hunters would reduce deer to single digits in the core C.W.D. zone(s) hunters would protest and lobby for more doe being protected.
    When hunters did reduce deer to the odd sighting in a non C.W.D. area . Yes I was involved. Recall my broken record of repeating our bringing Fremont's herd to its knees. An experience that educated far more hunters than just this opinionated one.
    The result did not need a regulation to see hunters back off doe for no mysterious reason.
    Compare substantial reductions elsewhere to see short and long term effect. The greater the reduction ,the greater the recoil of participation in kills after deer become scarce.

    IF hunters reduced the herd to single digits in more areas , why do you expect they would continue to participate (and keep numbers down) after , when they have not done so before?

    I will credit you with single digit deer p.s.m..
    With my having stated repeatedly that hunters need to agree on and "pick a number" you have done so ,almost. Figure less than 10 though, so good input. Now get hunters to agree with you and participate. Good luck if you think forcing them is the answer.
    Choosing a number as a goal is important. As is hunter buy in. Yes , yes,yes.

    With the multiple years reduction in Montcalm's epicenter there are assuredly less deer in one area I study. Still a result of less deer despite your observation from the roads.

    I don't study road hit numbers but suspect more than deer density factors. Including number of vehicles. I do cringe when folks drive eighty in the dark but "If" I had my way folks would not hit deer with vehicles regardless of how fast.
    Maybe you could get a car counter study where you hunt, and one where you drove through Montcalm ? Toss in your estimate of deer population per dead deer and figure how many vehicles it takes to hit a deer...If roadhits are an accurate method of tallying a deer population in a C.W.D. zone where deer heads are recovered for testing the state will do cartwheels over the revelation ,maybe.

    Hunter participation is reduced by my property. Make no mistake ,I still enjoy hunting there. Others don't see opportunity or found better odds elsewhere, or got shy of C.W.D.?
    The "we manage for big bucks" (his words not mine) and family was a no show across the road. Not sure who's managing over there but it seems to be better hunting when no one is there...
    Another boundary of roughly four times my land volume was absent hunters the first week of firearm.Decades of tradition there. Changed.
    No one hunted an adjacent parcel on another border... No wonder I saw deer.

    The important part was there being approximately one deer per hunter per mile. No public land for a long ways to blame that on. Not sure if less deer than that at seasons end was the incentive for landowners to jump and shout about next year already.

    Even I passed doe last season. And I don't mind killing them in general ,or eating them , or care for deer numbers being high vs habitat ,let alone C.W.D.. Seeing few deer and knowing what deer exist can do that though.

    I participated in reduction before acquiring disease permits.
    And having claimed I will not kill the last one.....I didn't kill the last one when holding permits still. Just in case. No more permits needed by me.
    If that spreads C.W.D. . C.W.D. is going to keep on spreading where I hunt.
    No road hits noted by my site either... Need more deer , or more vehicles probably. Or the coyotes or something dragged them away?

    Did slow down for a deer in Montcalm recently. Damn hunters......
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    Oh man, I don't know how I missed this post a few weeks ago. This is a great analogy! You only forgot one thing, you need to tell the 3 year old to target both the candy AND the veggies. That's the magic trick to get them to eat the veggies first!
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