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    The power went out and in an attempt to cure my bordom stumbled upon the box i recieved when my grandfather died some years ago. I have went throuh the items before but never realy payed much attention. Anyhow among a couple wore-out mitchel 300's,i found a PENN 716v in a plastic bag. It apears to be in good condition minus missing the drag knob (just ordered one). shows signs of wear in the paint on the rotor, needs a good wipe down ect, but cant beleive for an "old" reel how smooth it is. I searched around and basically only found out it was produced in or around 1976. Anybody have anymore info on it. Anybody know how much it is worth? (found 1 on e-bay "in the box" going for $130ish with some time left.) Any info would be great!!