Vexilar ice ducers??

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    i have just recently severed my cable to my ducer...i have an fl-18 and am looking into a new ice ducer and would like to know what anyone thinks of 9, 12, 19, or dual beam ducers for the vex...pros cons...i think a 12 came on it but am not sure...also if anyone has had this problem and has good ideas on how to fix it for now...gonna just tape it with electrical tape but the signal comes and goes...anyways thanks for the help...
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    I wish I had the 9-19 on my fl-18. It depends on the depths you fish.
    As far as a fix goes, about 3 years ago I had a big gill wrap around my transducer cable and cut it clean to the wire but not through it right at the top of the transducer.
    Vexilar said no way I would be able to fix it.
    I dried it in front of a fan for 2 days, then superglued it in the hanging position a few times, then put numerous coats of liquid electrical tape on it.
    3 years later it still works fine.
    If you can get the wires joined well, you may be able to keep it working.

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    I severed the transducer wire on my legend 1000 with my trolling motor. I used a little butane $3 torch from harbor freight and some thin electrical soldier with flux. Before you join the wires, slip on some shrink tube($1.49 at harbor freight) and if you choose some small black plastic hose like a windshield wiper hose and soldier the wire and the ground wire. you can choose not to use the hose and either wrap it with good electrical tape or liquid electrical tape , then shrink wrap it with the torch. Mine has worked fine for years.
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    I have the FL-18 w/dual 9/19 ducer. This setup does provide greater flexibility if you ever fish in varying depths of water, ie... >30' for perch the 9 provides greater clarity and target seperation near bottom. In <30' the 19provides for a wider cone covering more of the water column and in shallow water >20' you can switch to the low power side w/19 to eliminate weed clutter while still maintaining good target seperation.