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U.P. Grouse hunting counties?

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Xstream Outfitters, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Xstream Outfitters

    Xstream Outfitters

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    I'm just looking for some general info regarding hunting for grouse in the U.P. next year. I am looking at taking a weekend trip and was wondering which counties had good grouse numbers. The criteria I am looking for are:

    1) Lots of public land to walk
    2) I won't have a dog to help
    3) Timing .... what time of the season is better
    4) Safety. I don't want an area that is too vast w/o roads in case I get lost
    5) Lodging. I am looking for a nice place to stay
    6) Closer to the bridge might be better so that I don't have as far of a drive
    7) Possibly away from bear hunters so that I don't disturb them

    None of those criteria are written in stone, but they are just a few of my thoughts for planning this trip. If you want to give me more detailed info, that is up to you, but I am not asking for anyone's secret spots. If so, just PM me.

  2. ranger06


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    we have 200 acre sover near rapid river delta cnty havent bee up ther for liek 3 or 4 years but thats the only place i have gtrouse hunted did WELL on woodcock and grouse iw was in late sept it was durign the youth hunt i hunted our propery in the evening and bird hunted state land all day me and all my ousins and unlce and my gramps we just would walk prolly 15-20 of us ended up with like 35 bird in 3 days and a couple of rabbits too i think

  3. FieldWalker


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    1) Most counties have plenty of "public" hunting land
    2) I'd time it so you can hunt with someone with a dog- more grouse and more fun
    3) I'd go after the first good frost to take out some of the bugs
    4) Good luck on that... buy a GPS and a compass
    5) I'd personally tent out so you can get up and go... and trout fish for lunch
    6) Lodging will be much more expensive close to the bridge...
    7) You may want to check the bear forum and see if there is an area or a time of year that certain counties are less active... I know nothing about bear hunting

    If your looking to get grouse and have a good time. You may want to save some gas and consider next years "m-s grouse hunt" Plent of good folks with good dogs to hunt behind.

  4. BIGSP


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    West Michigan
    I don't want to burst your bubble but, I would wait and see what the bird numbers are like. Although going to the U.P. is a real bird hunting experience it really feels like your going out of state to do your hunting it can be boom or bust. Last year Ruger1 and I planned a full 9 days in the U.P. grouse and woodcock hunting we left after 3 1/2 because there weren't hardly any grouse. Litterly 2 days no grouse one day 1 grouse and one day I saw 11 in 3 different family groups, not what you would call stellar grouse hunting. On the other hand we had terrific woodcock hunting averaging over 25 points a day between the 2 of us.
    That being said we went down to the northern lower and didn't fair any better a few more grouse but less woodcock. Bottom line be flexible with your plan most places don't require to much advanced notice. As far as being close to the bridge we were less than an hour and it ran us about 40 bucks a night.

    Good Luck.
  5. Grouseman2


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    Washington, Michigan
    Hmmm, You know there aren't any birds in Michigan. :bash:

  6. upnut


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    south central Michigan
    Not sure what you mean by a nice place to stay, but if you mean hotel/motel you could make Newberry your base and hunt about any direction from there. Take a couple good maps and start exploring two-tracks. The first week of October is usually a good bet, but every year is a little different. If nice includes National Park campgrounds, we like the Carp River campground, not far north of the bridge. Either way, plan on lots of walking and maybe not much shooting. Still, there's no place I'd rather be the first week of October! Good Luck!...Scott