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Traverse city area fish from shore

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by Pike40, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Pike40


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    Hey guys. The family and I are vacationing by the bays this week. Brought a few poles for my son and I to pass some time. Looking for a close by spot or small lake where we could fish from shore/dock. Gills, bass, or pike. Any suggestions?? PM's welcome too. Thanks!
  2. ABienk86


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    Probably too late to do you any good this year, but if you come back next year you can always drive up to Elk Rapids and fish from the dam or the pond (it is stocked with trout each year.) The dam has smallmouth, perch, rock bass and i've even seen the odd pike, muskie, walleye and catfish in there, but not in serious numbers outside of spring when the pike move into the harbor to spawn (and I have seen some monster pike in March/April.) Elk River also gets salmon and steelhead runs in the spring/fall. I fished there a lot as a kid and always had a blast. You could also try Union St. Dam or the boardwalk in downtown TC.