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  1. LushLife


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    imagine a hot king or steelie stuck using one of those!
  2. Boardman Brookies

    Boardman Brookies

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    Traverse City/Glennie
    Man vs fish basically. No reel no backing. Sounds awesome just better have a couple good knots tied!

  3. Bob T

    Bob T

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    Oak Park, Michigan
    Well this is my second year with a Tenkara rod and it is sure a lot of fun. I purchased a Tenkara USA rod named the Rhodo. It adjusts from about 9 foot to 11 feet and give you a little bit of flexibility when fishing small streams. It is just another tool when you find yourself wanting to go a little more simple. I used a furled leader as I find this casts much easier than the level line. I do not limit myself to just the one fly like some do. I use all of my flies but find that it is the smaller flies that cast the best. If you stick to smaller streamers and smaller hoppers you will be all right. I think the thing that I like the best of all is the delicate presentation it provides as I usually fish small streams and spookier trout. Also you have to get used to the less distance to your casts. Over the years I have gotten used to casting more line out but have gotten a little more sloppy in my wading. Because of the line length limitations I find myself wading a lot more carefully and in turn find myself being a much better fly fisherman when using traditional fly rods. Its not the end all but when I find myself with spookier fish and with not a whole lot of wind it is sure fun.

    Shane, next time we fish I will let you use the rod,

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  4. lodge lounger

    lodge lounger

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    Gull Lake, MI
    Haven't tried it, but certainly is intriguing. Could you use traditional gear and take the same approach just using a longer leader?
  5. I can understand some of the reasons for Tenkara but enjoy the act of fly fishing and fly casting and spent a huge amount of time learning and practicing to get the most out of it to think Tenkara could up that enjoyment. I can't see or foresee a reason to even start with it. That said, an elderly friend of mine strolled up to me at a fly show waving his brand new Tenkara rod and I asked him, since we fish the same tailwater that holds some mighty huge browns what he would do when the brown of a lifetime took his fly, knowing full well he couldn't chase the trout for in that particular river. He said he would throw the rod in the water. I had to ask him if the salesman told him to do that. ;)
    Anyhow, here's a couple meme's friends have sent me over the years. All meant in good fun...