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Superb Grouse Dogs For Sale

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by eaglerock814, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Superb Grouse Dogs For Sale

    Age has caught up with me, and it’s time for me to bite the bullet and make major cutbacks to my kennel. I have decided to sell all of my remaining pointers, and to cut back my English setter breeding program substantially. As a result, serious wild bird hunters will have the opportunity to buy the kind of truly class dogs that are not often available for sale. All are priced VERY reasonably, but are for sale only to someone who will do them justice. The pointers are:

    1. Joe – pointer male – age seven – white and liver – by Ch. Joe Shadow and a double granddaughter of National Champion Whippoorwill Rebel that was John Rex Gates’ personal hunting dog. Joe is completely finished – steady to wing and shot, backs on sight and retrieves (but has a hard mouth). He has pointed hundreds of grouse and woodcock, as well as wild quail in Texas and Oklahoma, and wild pheasants in Nebraska. He is an ideal dog for someone who likes to both hunt and compete in field trials. Trials bring out the beast in him and he is hard to get around clean, but he is unbeatable on the ground. He is always forward, fast, hard driving and can run with the best of them in foot or horseback trials. As a hunting dog, however, he is easy to handle, of moderate range and really digs into the cover. He always looks good in motion, and points stylishly with an 11:30 poker tail. $800.
    2. Lady – pointer female – age six – almost white with a little liver on her head – Little Hope Shadow (he died very young of cancer, but had four first place open shooting dog wins – By Ch. Joe Shadow and a daughter of Ch. Bayou Teche Willie) and Eaglerock Miss Maggie (a multiple winner – see below). Lady is steady to wing and shot, backs on sight, and is a part-time retriever. She has extreme style running and pointing – you’ll never find prettier anywhere! She has adequate range for walking stakes, and also is a very comfortable hunting dog. She has pointed many grouse and woodcock, and also wild quail in Texas and Oklahoma. $600.
    3. Eaglerock Miss Maggie – age 11 – almost white with a little liver on her ear – mother of Lady above. I want to see Maggie get more attention than I can give to her as she grows older. She is completely healthy and sound, and should be able to hunt very effectively for a couple of years at light duty. She would be great for shooting preserves, or wild bird hunting for up to an hour. She is completely finished. Maggie placed in the Grouse Futurity and has eight first-place open shooting dog wins. She has much experience on grouse, woodcock, wild quail, wild pheasants, wild Huns, prairie chickens and sharptails. She has produced shooting dog and derby winners in her two litters. Her sire is Burkert’s Winchester, a brother to Nat. Ch. Miller’s Silver Ending that was sold to Japan as a derby – he had six first place open shooting dog wins while still a derby. Maggie’s mother was 44-time winner Locomotion Lady (Rebel breeding). An exceptional home is much more important to me than the price. She’s a very special dog.

    I also have some excellent English setters, including a couple of fully finished females about nine years old, other females and males that are partly finished and also would be great for raising top quality puppies, and classy young dogs ready to be trained.

    Contact John Yates at, or (814) 676-6260. - See More Here: