Steelheader or Matrix??

Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by Steelheadslayer1967, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Some people leverage their rods more to land a Steelhead, while others use their reels as more of the main tool to land them. Still others don't really use their rods, or reels to their advantage, and mostly land Steelhead by luck.

    I absolutely hate watching someone reel on a Steelhead, or Salmon with a spinning reel, and they are reeling while their spool is turning. They are only twisting their line, and not doing anything that will help land the fish. Similarly, I hate seeing people who basically point their rods at the fish, with barely any bend, and just try to crank the fish in with the reel.
    You can bend high-end rods in a "C" to fight fish with the maximum pressure the rod will allow. Doing this takes some of the stress off the reel, which can be used more effectively to regain line when you have the opportunity.
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