Steelhead bite at night

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    If that happens again, pull off a yard of line and throw a loop downstream. Once the fish feels the pressure coming from behind it might move him. Or you could simply get out of the water and get downstream from the fish. Once you pull his head downstream he should react.

    Sometimes big Atlantic Salmon do the sulky thing. You get the normal long slow pull on the fly and raise into him, and he just sits there like hes trying to figure out whats happening.

    Another old Gillie trick is to thread a ring onto the line and let it travel down to his nose, apparently the annoyance of something hitting him on the snout might send him into a frenzy.

    I came across a guy one early morning standing in the river with a big fish on. It was a standoff. Both fish and Angler stood their ground for about 20 minutes until the guy gave some slack and the fish moved out of his sulking hole.
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    They bite just fine at night on bait. A couple years in the 80's were so crowded, I fished the pier and surf at night and limited many times

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    I’ve seen them caught legitimately at night, and more often no so much. As mentioned especially true for kings though regarding tactics vs fish to hand, but that’s a different topic.

    Multiple occasions, I’ve got to holes in the dark, fished all kinds of methods to no avail, only to have a great day once there was light.

    Pier fishing kings however, I love getting out at sunset, and leaving at sunrise. Haven’t done it in a while, but it’s a fun time!
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    i've had good luck fishing at nite,,,, but i mite of been breaking the law, first time was around 1975, i was in leelanau mi., i met a captain, of a commerical fishing boat, that had his boat moored in the carp river (below the dam) me n my buddy were on the deck of the boat, the captain turned on the bright lights of the boat, n the water started filling up with lake trout that we could see,,,, we did good,,,,, the next time was at 6th st., around 1980, (back then i couldn't get enough) it was spring time the river was low n the river was full of steelies,, at that time, i would wade with a pull along boat, (8 footer) one day a light went off,,,,:idea:, (y don't ya put that stepladder a battery n your spot light in da boat n go night fishin for steelies) i waded out from the eastside, to about the ice breaker, set every thing up in the boat, turned on the light, so it was shining on the old build in the dam fishladder n well i caught fish, but could of done better,,,:idea:,, (it's the moving/rocking with the light being in the boat) went home n made repairs (strapped a telescopic pole with the light on it to the ladder) went out the next night, set every thing up (put the ladder/light on the river bottom) started catching fish, after a few fish, i had company, a friend of mine, well a bit later we were both hooked up, i happen to look n see 2 more guys coming, so i pulled anchor n took the show way down stream, did catch a fish there, but it wasn't as good as the first spot,,,,,,,,,,,, i know that u can use a light to attract smelt, i'm not sure about trout
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    I've never had any luck surf or pier fishing at nite, but in the river? Now that's a different story. I've told this story many times on here but I'm old enough to have fished the lower Platte River when it had a closure from Labor Day until Nov 1. We would go down to the river around 8 P.M. on the 31st just to hold the spot we wanted. Start fishing at midnite and caught many steelhead, some nites it was crazy and not a bit of light to be found, in fact if someone turned a flashlight on and it hit the water, it seemed to turn the fish off for a while. Actually I would suggest everyone try fishing at nite like that, it actually makes you a better steelie fisherman IMHO. You get to really learn how to feel the bite that way, if you are bottom bouncing.
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    Had some dandy pre dawn spring time,glo-peach' glo-green wobble glo bites.esp on da Joe n big Man.great captain freind of mine steelhead Ed got his pb next to me on de joe 19lbs n some change.was 4:30am got to are hot run early'remember sipping on my coffee saying its early yur just gona hook dat far side log lol.his ole sage whipped back minutes later,and ill never furget dat 45min battle and my crazy beach it no net wrestle it to shore job.gave him hug and bump after epic buck steely landed of a lifetime:)he said to me Wobble-glo!
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    We use to do pretty darn good at night for steelies using glow in the dark wobble glows and also drifting glow in the dark egg patterns. It's nice fishing the rivers at night not many fisherman to deal with and that's what I liked about it. Never liked the shoulder to shoulder river fishing just wasn't my thing.

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    As just said glow in dark cookies. Wobble glo...or spinnglo. I have bad some pretty incredible nights doing this. It used to be quite popular on the Joe. I have cought a bunch of skams on skein and have even had a few good nights with beads on the center pin. So yes. Try it out. Many times the same spots are good but you can find them much shallower also.
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    Thanks to all who replied. All of the wobble glo stories make me want to resurrect it. Many of the old timers who fished the Joe in it's heyday have told me the same. But honestly I can't remember a time I've run into another fisherman in the past 4 years who was using a wobble glo. No idea why it fell out of popularity with how well it used to produce.
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    I fish a very clear river in NW Mi in the fall with skein under a bobber using a glow stick on the bobber. Done real well with lake run big bows/steelhead.
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