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South Fox Island

Discussion in 'Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River' started by Fishin Mission, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Fishin Mission

    Fishin Mission

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    Rochester, MI
    Ok...I know this has nothing to do with LSC or SCR...but there is alot of traffic here and wonder if anyone knows of this island. Located about 15 miles out in lake Michigan off of Leelenau. Nothing on this island...the on the south end, a landing strip, couple of homes and some sort of race track. Looks like a rich man's paradise.

    [ame=",+Leelanau,+MI&gl=us&ei=ist0S-auMYennge2l-HACQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAsQ8gEwAA"]south fox island michigan - Google Maps[/ame]
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  2. Linda G.

    Linda G.

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    northern lower Michigan
    A good part of South Fox is a privately owned compound owned by David Johnson, the primary developer of the Bay Harbor Resort in Petoskey. A small part is public land, and open to public hunting with a permit hunt during a special deer season held on the island. I haven't heard anything about it in recent years, so I believe the numbers of deer are down, they were pretty generous there for a few years. It's a very tricky hunt, all dependent on the weather as to when you can get to the island and when you can get off. Johnson has his own airstrip, so it's not a problem for him. His property is very well fenced, marked and patrolled, and from what I've been told, it's very hard to get around the island at all because of that fencing.

    The airport that shows up on the map is Johnson's airstrip, again, that's not public.

  3. Get_Outside


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    Marine City
    I hunted there back in the 80's with my brother and father. We were the last party for the year and got a couple deer but nothing to write home about. Had to fly in and out and we ended up staying for 2 extra days waiting for the weather to clear up so the plane could get in. The nice part was they didn't want to haul any food out so the cook fed us like kings.
  4. fishing>women


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    Hunted there about 4 or 5 years ago. The deer there get BIG. Success rate is very low. There is a boat charter that takes you for the 3 hour boat ride out there then you load onto a zodiac and haul everything to the island. It is a beautiful island and if you have the chance to go there I would do it in a heartbeat. When we were there I believe it was in October and the guy unloading the zodiac said he could feel salmon bumping into his legs. There must be loads of them around the island because no one is fishing for them. Some people before me mentioned that Johnson owns a lot of the island, which he does. My experience of the hunt was that Johnson and all of his men were jerks. He provides food and shelter for the CO out there and in return the CO does whatever Johnson tells him to do. Minutes after we arrived at our spike camp and started unpacking one of Johnson's minions and the CO came over and started hassling us. Luckily that was the only time we saw them. All in all it turned out to be a good trip. Harvested a doe and one guy in our 5 person spike camp took a monster 14 point. Once again IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO, GO!