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    Went to South Dakota for the first time last year and had a great trip. I had every intension of returning this year but with the virus situation decided not to go. Thanks for sharing what I'm missing.

    Three years ago I let my 10 month lab out in the back yard before daylight to do her business. I had the porch light on and stood on the elevated deck to keep an eye on her while she went. On her way back up to the house she stopped about twenty feet from the deck stairs looking back in the shadows just out of the lights beam. All of a sudden she made a dash for the stairs with a coyote right behind her. I yelled and the coyote changed directions before it got to the stairs and headed back the way it came. Not sure what if anything would have happened had I not been there.
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    Hopkins Michigan
    Lookin on you tube I’ve seen plenty of occasions were coyotes stalked down dogs with there owners close by middle of town even, I mentioned I carry a slug Incase I need it some bird hunters will get all pissy with laws but I’d rather be safe then sorry I’m glad you were able to keep your pup safe

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