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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Adam Peterson, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Anyone try this series yet? Can't decide between the lite and the regular. I have the kelvin pants to wear under it. Any input would be appreciated.


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    I don't own either so take this with a grain of salt...

    First off, they're two different jackets for two different hunting applications. One is cold weather the other is warm.
    Second, the fanatic lite doesn't have the fleece outer shell like the regular fanatic and that would be a big deciding factor as far is how quiet the jacket would be.
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  3. bigal06


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    Are you set on the fanatic series? I have the stratus jacket and fanatic bibs. Both are the first generation in the original elevated forest pattern.

    The stratus jacket is fleece with windstopper and is extremely versatile. I've worn it from the mid 50's to the mid 30's so far.

    The fanatic is insulated as well as well as having windstopper, whereas the fanatic lite is neither. My fanatic bibs are extremely warm and the full length side zips allow you to not get too warm when walking out.

    I would go with fanatic lite bibs, if they are quiet enough. And if looking for a jacket I would suggest the stratus, unless you want the angled zipper.
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    I just recently bought the Fanatic bibs and jacket. I wanted cold weather bowhunting gear, but didn't want to mess with a heater body suit. I hunted in them the past two weeks and I think they are one of the best pieces of gear you can get for deer hunting. They are that good! I haven't had them in extremely cold temps, but I can tell you they performed really well when it frosted a couple days. They were a bit warm when it got up to 50-60*, but if you wore a lighter pair of bibs and just a T-Shirt under the jacket, they would be OK to use in those conditions. I did that (Celsius bibs and fanatic jacket) the first week of November this year and they were fine. I also row a boat across a lake to access my best stand and I didn't get to overheated if I layered properly depending on the daily temps.

    As mentioned above, the zip open legs on the bibs help dump heat during a mid-day sit or a walk to your stand. If you have a long walk, I'd think about carrying them strapped to your pack along the way.

    The cross zip hand warmer pocket is one of the things that sold me on the setup. Worked great and it has a second pocket that you can keep your phone in as well.

    Make sure you get the new generation fleece fanatic, it stopped the wind well and was very quiet on stand. I sit on the edge of a grass field and the wind hammers me big time. There was one time where the wind would hit me just right and get thru the zipper, but I zipped up my vest under neath and that cured that problem.

    If you have the kelvin pants to wear under, I'd think about getting the lite bibs and the fanatic jacket. That way you can use the lite bibs early season and then layer with the kelvin when the snow starts flying. I'm going to use the kelvin jacket under my fanatic (if needed) when the weather turns really cold in December.

    My cousin bought the fanatic lite this year and when he saw I had the fanatic, he started questioning his decision. After hunting the same temps this past week, I'm glad I went the route I did as he was cold on a couple morning sits and I was comfortable to warm. A lot easier to shed clothes or open zippers than it is to warm up while on stand.

    Good luck either way you go, they both are good gear!
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    I have the first generation Fanatic jacket. It's a great cold weather hunting jacket, warm, quiet, and wind proof. The hand warmer muff is a nice feature. I don't particularly like the angled zipper though. It's fine when zipped up but if you wear it unzipped 3/4 of your coat hangs on the right side. That's probably nit picking. I almost always carry it in strapped to my pack or climber and then put it on in the stand. It's made for sitting and for that purpose it is great. For warmer weather I wear a Sitka 90% jacket which I also like. It's more versatile during bow season as I can layer under it.


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    I started using the stratus line this year, pants, vest, jacket and it's great. Very versatile as I've used from 30-65 degrees. I was fine for an all day sit in the 30s with the cabelas ecwcs polar base layer on. The windproof is great and it's plenty quiet. The quality of the Sitka is great and all the pockets and layout of the clothing is well thought out.