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Shipping a muzzleloader ?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by crappyshot, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. crappyshot


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    Sandusky, michigan
    Anyone know the law regarding shipping a muzzleloader to another state? I know you must have a FFL to ship or receive a rifle or handgun,I thought muzzleloaders were considered an antique because they use a percussion cap for the ignition system?.I tried to ship a muzzleloader back to knight rifle for a repair and made the mistake of going to a mailboxes etc and they told me they won't ship any weapons period.....I asked if that was the law or your company policy and he says it just their corporate policy.Now I've shipped a few muzzleloaders back to the manufacture via UPS and can't help but feel like I'm getting the third degree or imply that I'm a criminal for legaling owning a firearm.....The few times I've shipped a muzzleloading rifle through UPS the clerk informs me that as long as she recognizes the name of the manufacture i.e. remington,winchester,browning ect it was ok to ship......But if she didn't recognize the firearm manufacture I'd have to provide a FFL license number to be shipped to.(Like some female clerks going to know the names of all the differnet muzzleloading rifle MFG's ;) )I've purchased three muzzleloaders via the internet from cabelas & basspro and they shipped it to me and I don't have a FFL license. :confused: