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Shanty Winch set/up

Discussion in 'Icefishing Lk. St. Clair' started by Cold weather man, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Cold weather man

    Cold weather man

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    Hope everyone is well. Time to start thinking about the hard water again!

    Wanting to put a winch in the front of my truck bed to pull my insulated shanty full of gear up into the truck bed , especially if I was by myself.

    Anyone make this set up yet and if so , what ya got and how do you like it ?
  2. plugger

    plugger Premium Member

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    Scottville, MI
    I made a set up to hoist deer into my Kawasaki mule that is similar to what you need. I welded square stock that fit in the front stake pockets to a fairly heavy piece of angle iron that spanned the bed. I just had a plate with a hole to hook a ratchet come along. Crank it right up. Rather than deal with the steel cable I installed rope on the come along. You could mount an electric winch to a piece of angle that spanned the front of the bed. I would use synthetic winch cable or just rope to pull a shanty. Once your shanty is over 50% in you can just push it a head so that simplifies working out angles of pull.

  3. Some dude

    Some dude

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    Clinton Twp
    I now have a shorter vehicle cuz I was having trouble getting my shanty back in the truck , down was easy , it was back in that was hell after a long day on the ice ! I also started getting ready for hard water by buying a "shnozzle" and filling 17 of my empty 1lb tanks , c'mon winter !!