Samsung Galaxy Note 8 GPS Woes, and Today's update.

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  1. I do a lot of walking cross county scouting for deer. In the last month I have walked something like 27 miles in the woods, mostly wandering. While I do that, I rely heavily on a GPS. Although I usually carry a Garmin handheld as a backup, the functionality of hunting gps apps can't be beat and my phone is my primary GPS.

    As the subject mentions, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it's a couple years old but I am trying not to replace it until the spring. The Gps has had an awful issue for a few months. It will start out working, and work for a few minutes, then without warning it just stops. I have had lots of times when this really screwed me. I put waypoints for trail cams in the wrong spot, walked way out of the way in the dark trying to get back to my truck, and took wrong turns in city traffic looking for businesses. I was almost ready to just buy a new phone, to fix the issue for good.

    Internet searches taught me that this was a well known issue, and seemed to be caused by an update. It is not specific to an app, it is the phone.

    An update came out a day or so ago and mentions GPS Enhancement, I REALLY hope this fixes my problem.

    Does anyone here have the same phone? Does it have GPS issues? Have you installed the update ? Does it fix it? Does anyone know any tricks to make it work?
  2. I tested it post update, it seems to have mostly fixed it but it still doesn't work well if you ask me.

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    I can’t help ya on the phone issues. I have become dependent on my phones GPS, OnX, Navionics, etc and have realized even in Midland county I have ZERO service in places, I still have to just depend on my good old compass. I’d say memory, but that would be a lie!

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    I have the same phone and have never had an issue. Although I do not rely on the gps as much as you I do use it for hunt stand app and navionics.