Riding in northern Gladwin County

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    Sterling hts & NW Gladwin Co
    Been out of the ATV scene for 5-6 years but finally got my old machines up and running again. I have some property in northwest Gladwin County/Sherman Twp. Near M18 and Meredith Grade road, a couple miles from Meredith. There is a lot of state land around and lately I've been seeing lots of ATVs/UTVs, SXSs in the area. That area used to be closed to ATVs. Does anyone know if it is now open? There is a snowmobile parking area on Meredith Grade road just east of M18 and west of Adams Road. I see trucks with ATV trailers parked there all the time but it's not marked for ORVs. neither are the trails between Adams and M18.

    What am I missing or are all those people riding illegally?

    Other questions...

    I see an awful lot of people in side x sides (and sometimes regular ATVS) riding without helmets. Did the law change? It used to be you had to have a helmet no matter what you rode (except for motorcycles).

    I did check the DNR ORV pages but can't find any reference to helmets.

    Edited to add.... I should have checked before I posted.

    Okay after careful looking at the DNR website I determined that side by side ORVs don't need helmets if you have a roof/rollcage and wear a seat belt.

    I also found that the DNR opened some state forest roads to ATVs a few years ago and the roads south of Meredith Grade road between Adams road and M18 is indeed open but not marked for ORVs. Across M18 is Clare county and the state forest roads north of Meredith Grade are also open to Roscomon County which is about a mile up all the way to the Denton Creek trails and beyond.
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    Most of those forest roads are open, and you can ride the shoulder on non M roads in Gladwin, Clare, and Roscommon counties. There’s also a trail head on Waco rd, west of m18 that gets you in the marked trails. Last time I rode there the trails weren’t too bad, but if you go hit the trails East of Gladwin they are either too wet(swampy) or too whoop’d out to have any fun on.
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