rem 1100 and ranger double value? good buy?

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    hello I bought two 410 shotguns, initially for my young kids to rabbit hunt. but I would like to see if I paid a fair price, I am not up on pricing I shot both of them today and work good, condition is excellent on both...almost new. the double barrel is a ranger serial, H70542 as so I could read, its checkered stock. the Remington 1100 LW full choke barrel, serial is m3079(7)3H the 7 could be a 2 as well just worn off the bottom? it also is in great shape, I would like to know what the years of manufacture are and the value, I have been looking online for 2 hours and I cant figure it out thanks in advance
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    You have to call Remington direct

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    This sort of question often pops up on Upland Journal and the Smith & Wesson Forum and here : I just bought this (rifle, shotgun, S & W revolver - fill the blanks) at a LGS. What's it worth ? Fair price ? A steal or did I pay to much ? Believe me you will get a much more definitive answer if you - like the above - would post what you paid for the gun/guns and then let us give you an honest answer.

    What is this firearm's value ? -You bought it so it must be of that "value" to you. Are you pleased with your purchase ? If you had it to do over again would you make the same purchase at the same price ? Ultimately it's the buyer - the one who forks over the $$$ - who determines the "end value" of anything bought. I go to Meijer's one day and buy gas at $2.46 a gallon. I go there three days later and it's $2.96 a gallon. I don't like the price increase but I buy it anyway because I "value" a gallon of gas more than I "value" $2.96 in my pocket. As the purchaser I am the sole determiner of the value of that gallon of gas to me. Same thing with firearms. Hope this helps.

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