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Recommmended Reading

Discussion in ', Fly Tying, Trout Fishing' started by gunrod, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. TheDuke33


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    West Michigan
    "The Snowfly" by Joseph Heywood.

    -A great novel, and if you like fly-fishing, it is THE novel. Also, Joseph Heywood's from Michigan. This one definitely distracted me from studying for finals this winter. Wow, what a great suspense-mystery story!

    Anyone read "Seasons of the Au Sable" by Rusty Gates? I've been meaning to pick that one up. I heard it's pretty good.
  2. BeanOFish


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    Royal Oak, MI
    I thought this thread was a little dead, so here are 2 that I finished reading over the past month:

    Duke, "Seasons of the Ausable" by Gates, I highly recommend it. The book is a years worth of Gates' reports broken down by each season, it is really cool how Gates tells a story during each report. The book also gives a background on his lodge, how he got started and a few other cool pieces of information.

    Another book I recommend is "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout" by Bob Linesman and Kelly Gallop. This is a very good book, it goes in depth on large trout behavior, different tactics that I would have never thought about when stripping streamers, fly patterns and the fly recipe's. I really enjoyed this book.

  3. dasherriff

    dasherriff Premium Member

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    I just registered for the site yesterday and was going to make my first post concerning recommended reading for the beginning fly tier. Thanks to all those that posted with recommendations. Looks like I won't be out of reading material any time soon. I plan to start with the panfish and bass/pike flies since I haven't traditionally done a lot of trout fishing. But you never know. I'm catching the bug...
  4. Dash,

    There are alot of great video based tutorials for fly tying on the internet. While I, like most, enjoy books, I find I can often learn faster by watching a video (plus they are free and readily available).

    If you're just getting started, I'd suggest you tie up some foam spiders. They are fast, cheap, and easy to tie, and they will teach you alot of the important basics like tying on and off, thread control, ect. Plus you'll definately catch fish on even the first flies you tie. Just a suggestion.


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    Missoula, Montana
    The most comprehensive book on fly fishing I've ever seen is 'The Classic Guide to Fly~Fishing For Trout' by Charles Jardine.

    It is a mammoth size book that covers all equipment, casts, waters trout are in still and flowing, techniques for every situation, an unbelievable amount of patterns with recipe & pictures, and fly tying techniques.

    I know there are tons of "complete fly fishing" books out on the market. But I have never seen one even come remotely close to the quality of information and pictures as what is found in this book. This is the book I would recommend to anyone who is fly fishing or thinking about fly fishing.

    'Fly fishing Canada coast to coast' edited by Robert Jones is another great book. They discuss fishing for almost every species imaginable on the fly. It has lots of cooking recipes, fly recipes, and techniques for species most have never fished for on the fly. It also gives advice on fly-in trips.

    'No Hatch to Match' by Rich Osthoff it's chocked full of patterns and aggressive strategies for fly-fishing between hatches in every possible condition.

    'Mayflies of Michigan Trout Streams' by Justin & Fannie Leonard. Certainly an important book for anyone wanting to know more about the naturals we have here in Michigan. Great photos and plenty of mind scrambling info.

    Then there are the books for pleasure and not for knowledge. I think we all agree anything by Traver and Geriach is worthy. But I'll add a few more to that list:

    George Griffith's 'For the Love of Trout'. This book we'll tell you the history of George Mason, Vic Barothy, The Mason Tract, Trout Unlimited, and of course the love of trout fishing from the eyes of pioneer George Griffith. Everyone who is serious about fly fishing in Michigan should read this book to understand how and why things have come about.

    'Volkers Pond a Robert Traver Legacy' by Ed Wargin & James McCullough. This is a coffee table book. Amazing photos and history of the place where Volker use to fish. If you read his work then you know all about Frenchman's pond and his "little shack" that he had on it. This book show you it through amazing candid pictures. A real neat book if your a Traver fan.

    Other great Northwoods writers that I can't get enough of are Ben Mukkala, Walt Sandberg, and N.M.U.'s own Lon Emrick who writes outdoor story's about the U.P..
  6. DHise


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    North Carolina
    I fourth the Fly Tyers Benchside Reference. It is all you will ever need for fly tying techniques and how to use specific fly tying materials.

    Caddisfly Handbook and Trout Stream Insects by Dick Pobst are a must for learning simple entomology. As fly fisherman we need to know our insects but we don't need to make it extra complicated by trying to learn all the bugs.

    Selective Trout by Swisher and Richards is also a must for more advanced entomology applications. Carl Richards, Dave Whitlock and Nick Lyons are three of most important individuals in American fly fishing history. They were, and are, way ahead of their time and they helped to make fly fishing what it is today.
  7. itchn2fish


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    Allendale, MI
    Trout Madness & Trout Magic Magic. My absolute favorite short-story from Trout madness is "The Intruder" (puts a lump in my throat just thinking about it) seconded by "Paulsen, Paulsen Everywhere" (funnier than heck).
  8. Shupac


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    A few by James Prosek--

    Trout of North America and Trout of the World. Great illustrations and natural history of all known trout species and subspecies. Prosek has to be one of the best nature artists working today.

    Fly fishing the 41st. An account of fishing his way around the world along the 41st parallel, his home latitude in the US.

    Be warned, these three may give you a serious case of wanderlust.
  9. cane crazed

    cane crazed

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    those are all great books but if you want a really great read i suggest the earth is enough by harry middleton. it has it all, from growing up in the wild country mountains, to hunting, fly fishing, and odd characters. this is a book that is hard to put down. i rate it with robert traver's trout majic and trout madness. it may be out of print though. i also really liked all of traver's corners by scott waldie
  10. axisgear


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    In beautiful Grand Rapids,MI!
    But mine is autographed by both Bob and Kelly!:p I was streamer fishing for trophies before the first printing,but it was a good read nonetheless.

    itchn2fish,I had posted Traver's works last year BTW.;)
  11. turd_furguson


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    southeastern michigan
    started reading this book last saturday and i can't put it down, i have to agree those two storys are good and the intruder was an awesome read.

  12. Billy Voltaire

    Billy Voltaire

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    Author is from Mancelona Michigan. Great story of what it was like back in the day. Not the greatest writing but the story will take you back. It also will remind you of how easy we have it now-a-days.

    I have seen it for sale in The Cove in Manistee Lake, otherwise purchase over the web.
  13. fsutroutbum


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    Muskegon / Hoxeyville
    I concur that many of the books mentioned are really good books to add to ones library and Gierach is good reading during those times you can't get out.

    Brown Trout Fly Fishing a Practical Guide by Chris Francis is an excellent instructional book.

    For the sheer beauty of the crafted word Dana Lamb's, "Where the Pools are Bright and Deep" is one that should be enjoyed by the fireside on a nice winters evening.
  14. Forkhorn


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    Saginaw County
    I second the earlier nomination of Bob Linsenman/Steve Nevala's Michigan Trout Streams. That book is irreplaceable and has gotten me into some great fishing over the years.
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  15. nomadanglers


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    Okemos, MI
    A few of my favorites:

    Orvis Fly Fishing Guide - The revised edition.
    Great new photos & Illistrations - $24.95

    May Flies - Ted Facigula - Amazing macro photography of all of the bugs in their nymph, emerger, dun and spinner stages a long with fly patterns to match each one.

    Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying - This is the little brother to the $100 book that has more than enough information for any one that is just starting to tie or is an experienced veterane. It has a unique dual spiral format for instruction that is better than anything else that I have seen.

    Steelhead Dreams
    - Matt Supinski - A must for anyone steelheading in the Great Lakes. Nothing Compares!

    Fun Read - Good Life Wasted - Dave Ames - Everyones dream to leave the desk job and move out West and become a fishing guide.