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Protecting spruce plugs

Discussion in 'Wildlife Habitat' started by TheDooge, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. TheDooge


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    I would like to plant some spruce plugs to grow a 20-30 foot wide windbreak border and bedding area along an AG field on my property. I am looking for ideas how to protect the new plugs from overspray when the farmer comes to spray glyphosate or any other chemical he may be using.

    I was considering to put up a burlap fence but am also wondering if individual tree protection might be better. Does anyone have experience to share with a similar condition?

  2. dlehnert


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    Overspray can always be a concern with having ag fields adjacent to your property. As for what you should do if you want to plant trees, any protection would help but having a 20-30' setback from the property line should be sufficient to minimize most concerns. If there is any overspray it should be very minimal since that is wasted money for the farmer, and having that setback would help so the overspray (if any) would not make contact with the trees.

  3. JAA


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    I'd Ask farmer Joe to setback his spraying 25' from the property line! And you plant 25' inside your property line, That gives you 50' Setback total, You should be fine! Talk to him before you plant And Ask him to pay attention to the wind direction he's spraying in, {He has No Right to allow glyphosate or any other Chemical he may be using to drift on your property}....AND HE KNOWS IT!!!! Trust Me. I have family in farming, It's called common courtesy and communication! Spruce are tolerant to glyphosate, But Not when in the Budding Stage when they have new fresh delicate bright green Growth tips, Which happens about the same time the weeds start:(, And I would buy the bigger 3-4 yr transplants even if I had to wait until next year to get them! Lots of places are already sold out of this years stock! Unless your 18 and have lots of time to let them grow! Their not that much more $$ when buying a hundred at a time, And that will also give you time to Properly Prepare the site, And depending on soil? Figure out a water source.