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Porcupine Mountains Fishing And Camping

Discussion in 'Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by joemr1288, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. joemr1288


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    I am interested in taking a trip to the porcupine mountains in the next month and a half or sometime this fall. I have never been, but, am looking to do some fishing(probably not fly fishing) and was curious about any info. I know brook trout can be found pretty commonly, but what others could I go after to keep? When are the various salmon/trout runs up there?

    Additionally, I am looking to bring my dog with me if possible. Does anyone have any info on that? I can’t seem to find much other than they’re allowed as long as on leash. If I go back country hiking and camping, could he come with me?

    And one last thing, are back country fires allowed for cooking and what not?

    Thanks for all of your help and info!
  2. PunyTrout


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    Michigan, USA

    There are several past threads to read and learn from. Try using the search function.

    use the search function.PNG

    Hopefully others can provide you with more detailed advice regarding dogs, etc.
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  3. MrFysch


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    Birch Run
    There are literally endless numbers of streams and lakes to try. Brookies are the most common and abundant trout to find. Lots of flies..mosquitos...late summer is better as far as bugs go. Your dog will be fine as long as he doesn't run off chasing a deer or bear or
  4. Superior Outfitter

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    I would look into making a reservation as 'dispersed" camping is no longer allowed. They are only issuing 63 permits for the entire park starting this year so if you want one near water I would plan ahead. Steelhead/Salmon are available in several rivers, but only some are open to fishing in the early spring and fall when the runs are going on so check out the links below.There are warmwater species also. The dog is allowed just keep him on a leash. Cooking is allowed in the rings at campsites only so you may want to bring a stove on day hikes if you want to cook up a fresh fish.Give me a call at the shop and I can give you some details that I don't care to share online. Nick,4669,7-192-47796-463723--,00.html
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