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permanent ice shantys

Discussion in '' started by Bowfising14ft, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Bowfising14ft


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    Hi all,
    I'm thinking of building a permanent Ice shanty vs a portable one. I live on the lake I plan on leaving it on so moving it is no problem. I plan on using my 3 wheeler to move it on and off the lake when needed.

    What have you guys used to make a Ice Shanty?
    How big did you guys make yours?
  2. The Fishing Pollock

    The Fishing Pollock

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    Mine is 8 foot by 5 foot and about 6 foot tall. Made it out of a 2x4 frame, corrugated tin roofing , and a 3/4 ply floor . The long walls are 4 upright studs ( 2 corner , 2 middle) and the side walls have one upright in the middle. I put it about 4 inches up on blocks and waterskis. The water skis work the best for pulling as they are wide and are made to ride up on top of the surface and not plow through. Make sure you put a board under each set of skis when on the lake so they don't freeze to the lake and slide horribly. The wood stove sits dead center on the back wall with a hole on either side of it. 001.JPG