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Perch after dark

Discussion in 'Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River' started by shadow7663, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. shadow7663


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    Macomb County
    Just wondering if anyone ever does anygood after dark (late bite) for perch on the pond. I have never tried it but with it getting dark earlier now I have stopped my weekday fishing excursions for this reason alone.
    This fishing 1 day a week stuff is fer the birds:bash:
  2. Ed Michrina

    Ed Michrina

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    S/E MI.
    The perch shut off when it's dark. But on the bright side you can troll up some nice walleye in the spots that the perch are in. I'v fished them a bunch this summer at night. (I work until 9 pm ;) ) The eyes hit harnesses on 3 ways . I would end up with 2 to 5 every time out. the best bite is from sunset to 2 hrs into total darkness. Bring a light . I use a little florescent light to light up the tips of the rods . Clean your 3 ways often .

    I did one time have perch bite all night long in lake simcoe, Ice fishing??. Don't know why but its rare.

  3. Connor4501


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    I have read that a perch's eyesight is rated fair at best at night...With that said, I have hit perch thru the ice at night but it was only twice, and I have hit them this time of year in lit up areas where minnows congregate. My brother got a 15" at 2:00 in the morning fishing a lit up area back in Sept. of 1988. But as a general rule, these are exceptions as their eyeight is substandard at night...If you wanna try a spot or two at night, send me a PM and I'll try to help you out... ;)