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# of shots with 10oz jug of BH 209

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by laterilus, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. laterilus


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    Put a Encore in layaway and looking into the BH a 10oz bottle for 28/30 bucks. How many shots does one get out of a bottle this size on average? Pretty excited about the Encore, will have to use the knight T-bolt for the opener on Fri. Have the same box of pyrodex from when I bought the musket back in the late 90's. And thinking it's time to give the BH 209 a try in the knight and see what happens.
  2. hunt-n-fool


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    Barry County
    100grs (volume) is roughly 70grains in weight. 7000 grains per pound. you have 5/8 of a pound (10 oz/ 16 oz ).

    so ROUGHLY, you will get about 60-65 shots the way I see it. If you had a full pound, you would get 7000/70 or 100, but since you have 5/8 of a pound, you get 100 * 0.625 or roughly 60.

    these are rough figures, I didnt use a calculator, so please dont attack me for being close, just trying to help. I realize that when I weighed out BH209 powder, 100grs vol was about 72-73 grains with what I used.

  3. Asphalt Dave

    Asphalt Dave

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    When I weighed out BH209 powder, 100grs vol was about 72-73 grains with what I used also.
    So, I weighed all my loads ahead of time, and put them in containers, at exactly 70 grains by weight.
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    There are ways to nurse those 10 oz's along. I shoot 80 grains or so until I get my scope close, then I move up to my hunting loads for final sight-in. I shoot 110-120 grns usually in my Knight.
  5. Swamp Monster

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    If you want the correct answer, go to the source. I emailed Western Powders this question a while back. Here is the response I got. I asked about 120 grain (volume) loads since that is what I use. If you email them, they will get back to you.

    Thank you for your interest in Blackhorn 209.
    10 oz. = 4,375 gr. by weight. In a 120 volume charge there is approximately 84 gr. by weight. There would be about 52 120 volume charges in a can of Blackhorn 209.

    Best regards,
    Don Luhr
    Western Powders

    It is very cost effective imho.
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    As far as how many shots? That really depends on what load you decide works best in your rifle. What really makes me laugh, is the pellet shooters don't think twice about how much they are spending on pellets per shot, but most don't stop to think they would actually get several more shots for their money with BH209. Of course there are other powders you can shoot for less per shot, but I get more bang for my buck with BH209. Hopefully this won't get too confusing, it is real easy once you understand the conversions.

    Blackhorn 209 is 15%-20% more energetic than Black Powder, Pyrodex, Pyrodex Pellets, Triple Se7en Pellets (non-mag).

    100 gr Volume Black Powder = 100 gr Volume Pyrodex RS = 2 50 gr equivalent Pyrodex or Triple Se7en Pellets = 85 gr Volume Blackhorn 209

    120 gr Volume BH209 is the maximum recommended load from Western Powders, and is the equivalent to Three (3) 50 gr Pyrodex or Triple Se7en Pellets, or 150 gr Volume Black Powder.

    So, if you shoot 2 Pyrodex Pellets as your load now, it will only take 85 gr Volume Blackhorn 209 to replace it. Western uses a 0.7 multiplier when calculating a Volume charge to Weight. 1 gr BH209 by VOLUME = 0.7 gr by WEIGHT. So, your 2 pellet load would be 85 gr VOLUME BH209, which would WEIGH 59.5 gr (85 gr VOLUME x 0.7 = 59.5 gr WEIGHT)

    Now that we know that, we can figure out how many 100 gr equivalent (2 pellet) loads there are in a jug of Blackhorn 209.

    10 oz = 4375 gr WEIGHT
    4375 gr / 59.5 = 73.5294

    So you would have 73.52 shots tht would be the equivalent to your 2 pellet loads.

    100 Pellets in a box = 50 shots for 2 pellet loads.

    10 oz (4375 gr WEIGHT) BH209 = 73.52 shots (85 gr VOLUME, 59.5 gr WEIGHT)

    Now if you shoot 3 pellet loads, that is only 33-1/3 shots per box of pellets. Blackhorn 209's equivalent load is 120 gr VOLUME (84 gr WEIGHT)

    10 oz (4375 gr WEIGHT) BH209 / 84 gr WEIGHT = 52.08 shots (3 pellet equivalent)

    100 pellets = 33-1/3 shots for 3 pellet loads

    10 oz BH209 = 52.08 shots (120 gr VOLUME, 84 gr WEIGHT)

    Now for the big reveal, cost per shot.

    Wally World gets $32.99 (+ 6% tax = $34.97) for a box (100 ct) of Triple Se7en Pellets. You used 28/30 for Blackhorn 209, for the sake of argument we will use $29.99 (+ 6% tax = $31.79) for 10 oz of BH209.

    For 2 pellet loads of Triple Seven, it will cost you 70 cents per shot ($34.97 / 50 shots = 69.94 cents per shot).

    For the equivalent load of BH209, it will cost you 43 cents per shot ($31.79 / 73.52 shots = 43.23 cents per shot).

    For 3 pellet loads of Triple Se7en, it will cost you $1.05 per shot ($34.97 / 33-1/3 shots = $1.05 per shot.

    For the Equivalent load of BH209, it will cost you 61 cents per shot ($31.79 / 52.08 shots = 61.05 cents per shot.

    Remember, Powder is sold by WEIGHT, we measure by VOLUME, but must convert equivalent (velocity) VOLUME loads back to WEIGHT to figure loads per container, and cost per shot.

    Do yourself a favor, and print this load data from Western off and keep it in your range box for a quick reference. It has VOLUME charges for 80, 100, 120, and the WEIGHT equivalents below. You can easily figure other VOLUME loads from this information.

    Almost forgot. The Knight T-Bolt is not the best platform for Blackhorn 209, You need a good hot 209 primer in a enclosed/locking breech for best results. Your Encore on the other hand is an excellent platform. Just make sure to get a good 209 primer such as CCI 209M or Federal 209A, don't use the reduced charge muzzleloading primers. Also, you will want a sabot/bullet that loads with some force, and seated firmly on the powder.
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