OAKS Outdoor Adventures for Kids with Special needs

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    This is a one day event for differently abled persons, aged 5-26.
    Date, May 26, 2018, 10am -4pm
    Location, Camp Kidwell, Bloomingdale, MI
    To get young people who have special needs exposure to outdoor activities and experiences they may not normally have access to.
    This event is at no cost to the participants, we would like to have everyone registered by May 15 so we know how many to expect. Please see the attachments for additional information, feel free to ask any questions here or PM me.
    Sportsmen, we are looking for a good turnout for this event, please pass this information on to anyone who may be interested. Thanks, Herb

    I know this is not necessarily a hunting topic, just trying to get the word out.
    If this needs to be moved or deleted I understand. I did post this in a youth section already. IMG_20180417_211255459.jpg IMG_20180417_211203378.jpg

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