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No-Kill-Tag Bear License?

Discussion in '' started by UplandHntr, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:54 PM.

  1. UplandHntr


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    How long has this type of license been around?

    Is everyone supposed to buy this if you're part of the small group of guys going into the woods with a hunter help him track and find his bear? And most of the guys are typically carrying their handguns, etc?

    The DNR says that both the base license and this license still both need to be bought together. I can see not really being a big $ factor for residents, but wow to think non-residents that aren't actually getting a kill tag are going to opt for $151 + $15 just to go in and help track/find the bear?.....that could be a tough one.

    What are you guys thinking others are doing out there?
  2. Rooster Cogburn

    Rooster Cogburn

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    western U.P.
    First off, unless you have a dog in the do not need any license. If you have a concealed pistol license the law says the DNR shall not pass any law or regulation prohibiting you from your right to carry concealed. If from another state you need to check whether or not Michigan recognizes your CPL here.

    I tend to believe this no-kill license is prejudice against dog hunters. Folks participating on a bait hunt can do everything except kill the bear and no license required. Used to be you could even guide without a license. Could be now days the DNR requires a bear license to get the free permit to operate on state land.