No blood?

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    My take on it is that if you shoot a firearm at a deer and it reacts then you’ve hit it and must track. I rarely look for hair or blood where the deer was standing because a hit deer will leave plenty of sign, no snow needed. The first thing I look for are the dig marks made where a hit buck takes off. After that there will be scuffed leaves, broken branches, etc etc. You can track a deer a very long way like that if it is hit.

    Some years ago I had a friend at my camp in NW Ontario. He’s a great guy and an excellent shot, spending much time at the loading bench and range each year working up pet loads. He’s about the only guy I know that could take my rifle after I’ve got a very nice group at 200 yards and duplicate it, not that I’m such a great shot but that he is. He’s deer hunted a lot but almost entirely in an EUP family camp where any buck is usually a rare sight.

    So he’s sitting on a rock bluff looking down into a swale when a buck that’s in his words “a big buck, a very big buck!” walks outta the swale and he shoots it in the chest with his 7mm short mag at 50 yards. The buck spins around “kinda shaking” so he quarters another shot into its chest and the buck takes off and disappears into the swale. I’m on a rock about 200 yards away and I know it’s him shooting so in a few minutes I radio him and he tells me what happened. I say “that buck is dead within 50 yards, let me know if you need help”. Fifteen minutes later he nervously says “I can’t find any blood or hair” so I tell him “screw the blood and hair, you hit it” and to quit tracking and I head over.

    Once there I have him tell me again exactly what happened then start tracking, having him follow behind me. It’s tough at first because my friend has walked back and forth in the snow looking for “sign” but about 25 yards out I see where snow has been brushed off a log to the left of the shooting lane. I ask my friend if he’d walked there and when he says no I take a step and then see a heavy dig mark in the snow a bit further ahead. I point this out then see another ahead and a few steps later is spray and there’s his nice 11 point buck. It truly had gone less than 50 yards, no blood for about 40. While later taking my friend to the airport he said “Well, I learned something new this trip: how to track a deer without blood or hair”! I got to repeat the lesson a few years later, but I put him in front and he did find the first broken branch that helped lead us to his buck. I’ve done the same for a number of friends because I learned to track on my own, and as a colorblind guy I quickly learned to look for other signs of a hit deer. They WILL leave sign.

    So to me a deer that reacts is a hit deer so you don’t need to look for blood or hair at the hit site. I know there are exceptions but they’re rare, so mark where you last saw him and get out there and look for where he’s run. He will show you.
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    I didn’t mean to imply it isn’t a good rifle. I just don’t understand all the negative things I’ve heard and read. Just seems weird to me.

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    Expections because it is a "rifle" exceed the reality of it being a limited rifle. Treat it like a bow for where you aim and not a cannon.
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    No bow is able to do what the .350 can do. Treat it like what it is, a short range rifle, limit your shots to 200 yards, or less. Learn how to shoot. Don't take bad or marginal shots. Use a rest, they help.

    As time goes on there will be better bullets out there. My guess is that Bear Creek never "rests". I suspect they will come out with improvements as time goes by.
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    As rifle Guru Jack O'Conner once lamented "No ballistic chart ever killed a deer"....
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    Popped a deer through both lungs with a .357 rifle.
    Plenty of blood.
    Might be the farthest a deer has ran for me after a fatal shot.
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    I had problems with Hornady slugs not expanding in my 20 ga. Had two deer run over 200 yards with no blood trail, shot placement was double lung on both animals.
    Don't give up on tracking, if your shot placement was on then they are dead. Was on my hands and knees in a swamp looking for these deer, found them both but it wasn't easy.
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    This is the first blood I found Thursday morning, 20 yards away from where the deer was shot. I knew it was a good shot based on how the deer acted, he ran 40 yards and slowed to a walk. A minute later I heard him drop. I use a .308 and sometimes the blood trail is sparse with no blood or hair at impact site. Grazed his heart and bled internally.

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    I hit a 6 pt this season with my 450 at 156 yds. No blood or hair at the site didn't find any blood for probably 25 yds then a huge puddle guessing he coughed it up. Deer was only 40 yds away punched through both shoulders I think it cut arteries off the top of the heart but heart was still in tact and I'm guessing got lungs as well. With holes in both shoulders he pretty much showed no blood on the entrance and exit holes but blood flowing from the mouth like crazy. Blood can be very inconsistent I have discovered even with good shots.
    Tip 1 hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle works great even the tiniest drop of blood foams up white.
    Tip 2 already been stated but look for drags in leaves from wounded legs broken branches and hoof prints until blood is found don't give up and waste a deer.

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