NightSnipe Hunting Lights, Not just for hunting!

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    Hi Folks, as the hunting season end, we have the summer activities to look forward to. Fishing, boating, camping and anything else that we as Michiganders eagerly look forward to over the winter months.
    NightSnipe hunting lights not only are great tools for you predator hunters, but anyone looking for a high quality, performance built headlamp or handheld light. The interchangeable led modules allow you to use the same light for all your activities and double as your predator hunting light come fall. Available with red, green and white led modules and lithium rechargeable batteries for all your adventures.

    The brightest, farthest shining lights out there to guide you in the dark with your summertime adventures! Get out there and enjoy the wonderful spring weather!

    Thank you!

    Paul Cianciolo
    Owner - Predator Hunter Outdoors