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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by alfred pizal, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. alfred pizal

    alfred pizal

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    shelby twp Michigan
    Hello everyone
    Ive recently started fishing locally at stoney creek and clinton river with no luck , im looking for some new spot recommendations for trout ,bass ,or walleye . any recommendations on bait and and any other advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you
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    State record crappie came out of Stoney Creek, you must be doing something wrong.

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    Tell us what you have been trying that isn’t working, and the kinds of creek/river sections you are fishing (deepish holes, runs, log jams, weedy areas, etc.). The more you describe what you are doing, the more input you usually get on here.
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    The D, MI
    The Clinton (Above Red Run) has a thriving bluegill and crappie population Get in and wade. Holes on the outsides of bends and overhanging trees are key.
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    Things that work best at Stoney are top water super early morning in pockets around thick weeds or edges then swim jigs with rage swimmers would be the next best thing along with a finesse jig if you are seeing bass or they are tight to a shoreline
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    Garden City, MI
    I'm figuring you're fishing from shore. Not much in terms of trout around here, though the St. Clair River can be good for trout and salmon, at least some times of the year. I often read reports of them being caught by Port Huron at the N end of the river. A few areas of the Clinton River and Paint Creek have some trout, but big ones are rarely caught. I'd expect the Clinton has some smallie action, but don't know much about it, being a west sider who is more familiar with the Huron and Rouge systems.

    Stony does have big crappie and reportedly good largemouth fishing, and some walleyes, but again the St. Clair River and North Channel win hands down for walleyes, especially at sunrise and evenings, but you may need a long net for some of the breakwalls. Check the Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River forum for intel.
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    Clinton river despite what people say can be a pretty decent steelhead river but Your gonna have to put in some effort though. Get away from the crowds at Yates and by coyote Joe's. The majority of people fishing for em fish the same half mile. 55° f is the magic number for when the start to funnel back in in the fall and winter you may even hook into the rare salmon in the fall. Paint creek holds some good trout as well but again you'll have to work for em as they get hit pretty hard. Compared to west side rivers and upper east side rivers its tough fishing but if you can catch them here you can get them anywhere. The Clinton also has good pike action (log jams)in late spring but watch the season dates. I've gotten into smallies there in the summer. They are fun on a fly rod.

    Stoney creek has good bass action and pike. I've never targeted crappie specifically but while bassin my biggest was 14 and a half. My biggest bass was there was just shy of 7lbs. There are many in the 3-5 range soft plastics near the south dam. buzz baits and spinner baits produced for me too. If your lucky you get the occasional walleye. If your willing to get past the stigma that carp are dumb trash fish they are everywhere especially at stoney. Hooking into a 10-15lber is common however landing isnt as much. They will head for any and every bit of cover and have soft mouths. Hook pulls are common.
    The upper lakes at stoney get considerably less pressure a have good fishing too.

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    Macomb County
    Alfred fishing Stoney and the Clinton can be very frustrating. I live your way, if you are fishing Stoney from shore try the around the Dams North and South. Bring some nightcrawlers, you can pick them up at the party store 25 mile and Shelby Rd I believe. Just use a hook and a spilt shot sinker throw it out and let it sit. The Clinton... good luck! Around Yates or River ends. I drive north for my Smallmouth fishing The Flint or the Cass River, they are far better fishing rivers for warm water species. For Largemouth any of the lakes around will work, sub lakes are good you just need access. Lakeville is nice and not to far. Oakland Co., And Lake St.Clair are just down the road. What do you wanna catch? I'm sure someone can steer you in the right direction.