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New dog killing virus?

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by WestCoastHunter, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. GamebirdPreserve

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    Chelsea, Michigan

    I have not, but thanks so much for sharing. A very scary story. I would like to know what treatment plan the vet used that allowed three of her treated dogs to survive this, as well. We all need a head's up on this possible problem.

    Please keep us updated if you find out anything else.

    Thanks again!

  2. longhaulpointer


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    I live in Cincy and this is news to me, never heard anything about it.
  3. Padilen


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    LeRoy Michigan
    This is a lot like what my dogs got. So maybe know it will get figured out.
  4. omega58


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    Walker, MI
    NAVHDA sent out a letter yesterday to all of us heading to the invitational this week. As of now it is on as scheduled and there should be more information tomorrow. The closest outbreak is 50 miles from the grounds, if they find one closer, they will reevaluate.

    They did state to not let your dog out of the vehicle in known affected areas and there are no dogs allowed other than those running and no dogs allowed at opening and closing ceremonies. Wash all clothes worn there in hot water, basically be as cautious as possible.

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    I just bought a puppy from WnW show this past weekend. She showed these symptoms yesterday and we rushed her to the vet. They tested her positive for Parvo. I only have the sellers cell phone, and they claimed to be from westbranch mi. However the cell number is 661 area code and I read your link and it says dogs in California died from the disease and this sellers area code googles in California. I sure hope this guy didnt bring this virus to our state.
  6. Buddwiser


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    Washington Twp.
    Have you tried to get in touch with someone from the WnW show?
  7. kenn1320


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    Yes I sent an email and will place a follow up call. I explained the situation(parvo) and asked that they please notify other sellers at the show. I also called my vet and gave her the name of this virus(Circovirus) and told her since the area code was not in westbranch where seller told me, I really have no idea where this dog is from. When I brought her in, they wanted to know where the dog was from, where it had been, if it had been in contact with other dogs, etc. The vet gave me instructions to try to find any feces from our dog and get rid of it. She said the area will be contagious for months/year and any dog coming in my yard could get it. She explained its the worst thing a dog could get.
  8. Buddwiser


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    Washington Twp.
    Bad deal....I was at the show with my 7 year old grandson and he spent most of the time petting and holding puppies. Sad to think some of those pups could wind up with this.
  9. I'm with Brandy

    I'm with Brandy

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    TC, MI
    I got this letter from my HRC club today.

    You may have heard there has been a recent outbreak of illness in dogs in several areas around Ohio. The
    Executive Council is monitoring the situation and is in contact with the Ohio State Veterinarian for updates.
    The EC has voted to continue with the Invitational. If we are notified of an outbreak in the immediate area of the
    Mingo Sportsman’s Club we will reevaluate the situation.
    Here are the facts as we know them:
    · Infected dogs present with severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea, extreme lethargy, neurological problems, a
    loss of appetite and if left untreated, acute vaculitis (when the body’s blood vessels become damaged
    and leak fluid into the body).
    · Ohio State has ruled out common bacterial infections such as salmonella, campylobacter and
    hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.
    · While the state believes this is a viral and not bacterial infection, they are still waiting for test results
    from UC Davis. They hope to make a national announcement on Monday.
    · Because of the unique symptoms, they suspect the viral contagion is dog circovirus (DogCV).
    Circovirus is a common virus in pigs, but not in dogs.
    · Their best estimate on the incubation period is one to two days.
    · They are evaluating all risk factors, but believe it is primarily spread through fecal material.
    · The outbreaks have been reported in Akron, Canton, Youngstown and Cincinnati, Ohio; the closest
    being about 50 miles from the Mingo test grounds.
    · If dogs are treated by a veterinarian early, their chances of survival are good.
    · There are news stories that speculate dogs in other states may also have DogCV. Those stories have not
    been validated by officials.
    We are asking all handlers to abide by the following precautions to reduce the risk to your dogs and to prevent
    spreading this to other areas of the U.S. and Canada:
    · DO NOT let your dogs out at rest areas in Ohio, particularly in the affected areas!
    · When taking your dogs on a bathroom break, avoid contact with other canine fecal matter and pick up
    and dispose of your dog’s feces. We will have bags widely available during the Invitational.
    · Please bring your dog’s inoculation records with you. If your dog becomes ill, the treating
    veterinarian will want to know as much about your dog’s health history as possible.
    · Please do not bring any additional dogs to the Invitational.
    · If you see a sick dog, particularly on the Mingo grounds, report it to one of the field marshals
    · Act as you would if this was a human flu outbreak: wash your hands frequently, wear clean clothes to
    the event, bag your dirty clothes when you go home and wash them in hot water to limit exposure
    locally. This is to prevent crosscontamination
    with other dogs. Hand sanitizer will be widely available
    during the Invitational.
    · We strongly discourage the touching of other people’s dogs throughout the event.
    · Handlers will not be allowed to bring their dogs to the opening or closing ceremonies. While we
    understand this will disappoint many of you, those two events present the greatest risk of cross
    contamination to your dogs and is a precaution we must implement.
    We know how hard you’ve worked all summer to have a successful Invitational. These efforts are being taken to
    ensure that your dog goes home healthy enough for an equally successful hunting season.
    Marilyn Vetter
    NAVHDA President
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