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Need Guidence - New Hunter

Discussion in '' started by MEdman, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. MEdman


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    First Time bear hunter and successful draw for the Gwinn Hunt Area - 3 period. Can anyone recommend a guide for this time period? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  2. jjlrrw


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    Lower Mi,
    Gwinn 2nd or 3rd hunt is available with 0 pts most every year. I would say DIY it is a lot of fun and lots to learn.
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  3. Blue Plague

    Blue Plague

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    I wish we could but we're booked full
  4. stickbow shooter

    stickbow shooter

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    Chasing ghost
    Not to sound like an a hole but why didn't you look for one before you put in. Most good guides fill up quickly, but you can always find someone to take your money. Good luck.
  5. DirtySteve


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    I would encourage you to do a self hunt as well if you can. Nothing against guides but I don't know any in the LP. I can tell you that do it yourself hunts are fun. It isn't nearly as hard as you think. Go to you local dnr office that has a bear check station. Talk to the guys there and ask to see a map of where bears were taken in previous years. They have that info broken down in very specific sections. You will see some patterns in the areas where the bears are harvested. They tend to follow rivers and larger creeks.

    Baiting and checking trail cams in the weeks leading up to the hunt is exciting. Use sweet baits and spray alot of scent in the air every time you bait. I used cheap vanilla extract imitation from wallmart mixed with water in a bottle. Spray the entire area around your bait. Bait as often as you can.
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  6. Martian


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    Davison Mi
    I did mine on a self hunt in the Gwinn area. I met a guy running baits up there who told me it is not science. In most cases bait it and they will come. For your bait, go to a day old bakery place, and buy their expired. (it is real cheap) go up , dig a hole put logs across it . Most of the UP is sand, If you can find a sandy place to do this, and rake the area in front of your bait, footprints will reveal what is there, If there are tiny ones you may want to hunt some where else, Mom and cubs are there, also trail cams. So take up a trail cam , ( if you have one), a chain saw your bait, and a shovel. If you have enough for a few baits , you can find which one looks the most productive. I called a day old place in Grand Blanc and was inquiring about expired food, and the girl just said" are you looking for bear bait?" The logs will help keep little critters out, and if your bait gets hit, the logs will be thrown aside. Good luck to you
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