My version of some Schmidterbugs

Discussion in 'Fly Patterns' started by Gamechanger, Dec 18, 2017.

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    While I should be busy replacing the various nymphs, wets, and dries that were lost or given away during the past year, I've been thinking about a couple of bassing trips I made and the fun I had on those sultry July/August evenings. Hence, I've spent the last week or so putting together a new (to me) secret weapon for those smallies and largemouths this coming summer. They were devised by a tyer by the name of Brian Schmidt, and as soon as I saw them in "Eastern Fly Fishing", I had to give them a try. I'm anxious to see if they have even a semblance of the action of the original Jitterbug.

    schmidterbug1.jpg schmidterbug2.jpg