Missouri Buck 2020

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    Carleton Michigan
    Opening morning Saturday, I was greeted with heavy rain, and lightening that lite up the woods like momentary clips of full daylight. I was in the stand By 530a doing my best to keep the rain off my equipment and pray the lightening didn’t get too close.
    By 830 the rain had subsided and I settled in for what I hoped to be an eventful rest of the day. This was my first time in this particular set. Although the wind led me to this spot, I just wasn’t totally thrilled about being there. Around 930 I caught movement in the timber at 75 yards. A nice buck! Tall, a bit narrow, but a head full of points. He was a good 130” type deer but I sized him up as a young deer with tons of potential and let him pass by without incident.
    ** A quick side story **
    3 years ago I visited a small piece of property that we had hunting rights too that no one in the group really plays any mind to due to its size.
    I was super impressed with the way it laid out and set up between a thick bedding area and a perfect funnel caused by two creeks. Although it was a great setup, it needed a SE wind to be perfect for the location.
    In those past 3 years this spot has only been hunted once, by my FIL, and he killed a 157” out of it.
    As you can imagine sense I just told you that story, we had a SE wind on this day For the first time for me since I hung this spot. So come late morning I was getting the itch to make a move and decided to go get in that stand.
    I was in the tree and settled by 145p. At 3p I looked off to the edge of that bedding and there stood a deer. I instantly recognized a big dark body. A look through the binos identified head gear worth grabbing for the gun.
    As he paralleled my location I was able to see he had good G3 and G4’s and knew he was a good one. Before I knew it the gun was shouldered and the safety off. I stopped him in an opening at about 125 yards and the 7mm mag let loose! I see the bullet impact right where intended about 3/4 up his shoulder, and he dropped right there!
    I reached over and hung the gun up and took that big deep breath and embraced the adrenaline rushing through my vanes. As I look back up I see this tough SOB find a way back to his feet! I quickly grab the gun as he takes a few wobbly steps and the 7mag sends another one into him. Dropped to the ground again. This time for good. I stayed on him for 5 minutes making sure he was down for good.

    I thought he was a bit better than he turned out to be. I thought his G2s were a lot better but he isn’t the type of deer I’m able to pass yet either. My quest for a booner continues.

    My personal best buck to date:
    140 1/8”
    21” spread
    218# dressed
    C987A000-2F73-4EBB-A098-65BD1FF1E383.jpeg 85C6E6AD-588B-479A-BB86-D902BB1FD562.jpeg DD16414E-0ABD-46BB-B78F-F42D7CD55963.jpeg
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    owosso, mi
    Great buck, congratulations

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    Man, that’s a really nice buck! I’ve been trying for a 150”+ buck and have seen a few I either misjudged or couldn’t get a shot at, so my best are shy of that. I’d not regret tagging yours for a minute. Often hard to tell when you might have just a few seconds and my missed opportunities were from me being too “cautious” and I ended up eating tag soup.
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