Michigan man shot in throat with arrow

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    What is WRONG with people? Suppose it was someone out poaching who didn't want to be seen/reported? Accident? Not much information to go on in the article.


    ALMENA TOWNSHIP - Authorities are searching for a person who shot a man in the neck with an arrow.

    According to the Associated Press, 61-year-old Michael Downey was in a remote area of Van Buren County's Almena Township on Sunday, March 25 when an arrow went through his neck. He is recovering from surgery, the AP reported.

    His wife, Janis Downey, told WWMT-TV that her husband was on a scouting trip for hunting. She added nobody should have been in the area with a bow-and-arrow because it's not hunting season.
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    They should be able to solve that one. Finger prints on arrow. Trace back to where he/she was standing and collect evidence from there. I got shot by an arrow once through my leg when I was a kid. It was an accident by someone (another kid) who was shooting arrows up into the air. I was on the other side of a hill and he did not know I was there. It wasn't to hard to figure out who the shooter was even without all the modern science they use now days.
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