Manistee River Walleye

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    Upper river road is what I use to get from the dam to the launch side of the bridge. It runs along the powerline. Another way is out towards Merrila on the hardtop. Two good ways to spot a vehicle on a float trip.

    There is one section above Slagle (can't remember the distance) but a small stream runs in. There is a really nice gravel bar below it. For whatever reason, the brookies come out of this stream and into that bar. I've caught tons here.

    Another access is off from south 1 rd. After the Slagle bridge, there is a trail that leads towards the falls. I've parked, hicked to the river, and waded down stream. It was a few mile walk back out and I was in Marine Corps shape at the time but I caught my biggest dam locked Rainbow in this stretch.

    When I was 10, I used to ride my bike to the Slagle creek bridge and fish down stream. Also had access above it to the Slagle club. Different times back then. I used to rake leaves at the club, tie flies for them, and help with the rearing ponds. God that was years ago.

    Thanks for the memories. A little foggy but I hope it helps. I can point out one rock to stand on below the dam too! Best rock in the river
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