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    If you can afford the price tag of a Ravin, you surely can afford to maintain it.

    I've had both an R10, which I've passed down to my wife, and currently shoot the R29. Honestly, I prefer the R10 as I was more accurate with it. And by "accurate" in the Ravin world, I'm talking about a fraction of an inch off at longer distances. The R29, strange as it may sound, is almost too short and thus more prone to aiming variances.
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    woods or the lake
    Ouch on a brand new bow!
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    Were you able to shoot these broadheads to check for accuracy to field points? Any concerns about the 400 fps rating on a 450 fps x bow? I loved what the 3 blade spit fire max's did to deer out of my parker, but they just aren't shooting good out of the 29X. Its a pita sighting in mechanicals. They typically don't hold up for more than a couple shots which gets very expensive if you want multiple shots at multiple distances. I will never go in the field without practicing with what I'm hunting with. My cocking crank is silent. The original scope was bad, the lit reticles were turning on when they shouldn't, and not turning on when they should. They replacement came within 4 days no questions asked. My buddy did told me there customer service is outstanding. Kind of bummed I had to do another day of sighting, but everythings great now.
  4. I will have to check on accuracy with the spitfires when I get it back. I haven’t tried it yet. But the spitfires shot exactly the same as field tips out of my ten point phantom cls. The guys I talked to at the bow shop told me to stick with the spitfires for the Ravin. The rep I talked to before buying said the same thing. I love the spitfires. But I would t go into the field with out practicing with them either. I agree on they don’t last long giving. I buy replacement blades and fix them. But if I’m not confident in hitting where I aim I won’t use them. I’ll have to see. I’m just glad I didn’t get rid of my ten point because I’d be without a bow right now. I told bmoffit when he came to my house I thought about selling the ten point but rethought about keeping it fit a back up. Man am I glad I decided to keep it now. It’s been an outstanding bow for me. I sure wish the Ravin had the monopod like my ten point does. That’s the only drawback I see to the Ravin is you have to hold abd shoot freehand. The monopod on the ten point is worth its weight in gold fir holding steady.

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