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    I haven't seen many adds for wanted first mates so I thought to create one. I am 16 and currently in high school I can work after school I get out at 2:10 I can work weekdays if the timing isn't off. I prefer to work weekends mornings and afternoons. I get out of school in June so I can work a lot more then if needed. My passion is fishing and hunting and would love doing what I love. I'm located in Shelby twp Michigan and looking for work on the Lake Saint Clair, Saint Clair river, or Detroit river but open to any suggestions.
    I have fished these waters for a years and confident in my work. I have fished for walleye, musky, perch, bass, salmon, and steelhead successfully in my life. I'm good with many techniques in fishing trolling, jigging, bottom bouncing, float fishing, using lures and live bait. I'm good with trying knots, setting up rigs, organizing, and cleaning fish and filleting them. I'm very polite and if your looking for someone I hope you read this and consider me, thank you.
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    @Nikotav1 I came across a thread not too long ago taking about first mates. I don't know all the steps or process to becoming a first mate. I was bored and came across the thread and once I saw your thread I remembered them talking about a page that will get you started. http://www.michigancharterboats.com/membership-application/

    Before you start your adventure working in the outdoor industry let me shed some light on it. Most First Mates are paid from tips. It can be fun, it can be a lot of work and lead to you getting burned out. I speak from experience, not from a charter boat stand point but as a guide. I use to run a guide service. An old friend that was a guide for many years told me "when the fire starts to die and you are losing the love for the sport, quit. It's not worth losing your passion for a few extra bucks". That happened to me. I was running myself ragged, no sleep, no time to enjoy hunts with friends and family, dealing with knucklehead clients day in and day out. I was a one man band with help from friends on occasion. From time to time I miss the grind of the "guide life". It was a different kind of high(i think it was more slap happy from no sleep than anything lol). It was fun watching people shoot their first birds, first limits, having 2+ generations accompany you afield and the smiles on their faces. But dealing with guns in a field is a little more stressful than fishing rods in a boat.

    I hope you find a good captain that will be key. Just remember you never know what kind of clients you will have until they show up. Enjoy the good ones and you still have to smile, be polite and keep your cool with the goofball ones.
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    First of all chartering is not for everyone. You have to be able to drive and stay over night unless you happen to find a musky guy on st. clair. I used to mate out of Toledo Beach. There are still enough charters there to keep a mate busy. This is where I'd start my search. If a captain is offering only tips move on. This is not standard; in my 25 years of chartering I never came across a respectable charter boat that did not pay a wage plus tips. I know start up charters probably play this game as they think you are being paid to fish. This job is work and you need to work at it to be a good mate. I worked for captains that had big books of business and we fished as much as the weather and the bookings allowed. Such an arrangement is tough to find today, but it is worthy to explore. I put my way through college captaining and mating, so it can be rewarding.

    The poster above is right about time; chartering takes time away from other things. I loved the process and I learned to love the customers.

    All the best!
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    I did it for a couple years out of Manistee. I liked it at first but it got to be to hectic. I was never home except to sleep . Some of the clients were straight up aholes. I watched two brothers fight over fish ( punches exchanged). People getting sea sick and puking in the cabin and on deck. Guess who gets to clean that up. Guys that don't know the first thing about fighting a fish and don't follow directions drove me nuts. As did guy's always messing with the drag.( It's set there for a reason )
    . But there were great times also. Watching folks catch there first Salmon or other big fish. You definitely will meet interesting people. Good luck.