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    Okay. Disclaimer to get it out of the way. If you are one of the anti-crossbow folks keep moving. Don't need haters, trolls, or negative derailment of the thread.

    Short history. Destroyed my shoulder over 20 years ago when a drunk driver hit my on my motorcycle. I've now had 7 shoulder surgeries and am still get recommendations for a shoulder replacement. For the most part I function fine. Especially after my drive to get back in shape this year. Despite the shoulder issues I've stayed with a vertical for years. I just enjoy shooting it more than most crossbows I've tried. I've also found that most of what I tried was extremely noisy.

    Fast forward to now. Been shooting all summer to stay dialed in without too much issue, but can only shoot maybe one or two dozen arrows at a time before I start getting sore. Never really thought of it as an issue because hunting you only draw once per outing (maybe a couple times at most) usually.

    However, it appears that weather may be a factor. I have extreme arthritis in the joint. I keep a target in my yard on the way to the woods. I take 3 target arrows with me and put them in the target on my way out to make sure nothing in my setup moved and I'm still dialed in. Had my first sit of the year yesterday and my first time shooting since the weather swung. In the cold was a completely different game. Only ended up shooting 2 of the 3. I would not say it was painful, but might say moderately or more uncomfortable. I also had more difficulty holding the draw like I normally practice and was sore after just the couple arrows.

    So it might be time to start thinking about making the move for me. So far I've shot a bunch of crossbows from several brands. Up until now I think I like Mission, Excalibur, and Tenpoint the best. Given that I have a budget of $1200-1500 maximum for a full package with everything I need to hunt, store, and maintain the unit I'm looking for any recommendations, warnings, input, feedback, etc. from those of you who have actually used a crossbow for hunting whitetail.

    I'm thinking I'll be fine for the rest of early season, but would like to find something that I can get and practice the heck out of with for late season as any colder temps might be prohibitive.
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    I would recommend Excalibur. I have the matrix and it has been great. I really like the fact that I can let the string down without firing a bolt. You can replace the string yourself when needed and are very accurate. Only drawback I see to them is they are a little wider than a compound crossbow.

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    Go to Cabelas or similer place, and shoot the three you have mentioned. I was dead set on the simplicity of the Excaliber. Had my teenage Granddaughter with me , while looking and should not cock the excalbur, but could the the ten point. Settled on the TENPOINT Titan with no regrets.
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    Wicked Ridge M370, best value out there. Ready to shoot, with built in rope cocker (one less thing to think about). Great speed, 9" axle to axle, super light weight (crossbows can get quite heavy) and comes from a reputable company, 10 point.
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    I've not killed a deer with a crossbow. So am no authority.
    Have had three Excaliburs. Still have two.
    With research you can find older models at a good pricepoint used. And get them dialed in nicely. Even very nicely.
    Some need trigger polishing. Some had a limb deficiency when speed was the goal with shorter limbs too.. That was around the time Excalibur traded hands in ownership and your research will find that model.

    That said , you need to cock one and shoot it to know if it suits you.
    Cocking is interesting. And there is a device if you can't cock it the manual pull/draw rope method. I do it seated in a wheelchair , which is not the usual method. But can be done.

    Being able to adjust by twisting , or change the string myself has strong appeal. Keeps me out of the pro shop.

    Practice is where you learn to deal with the "clank" noise when you shoot.
    At your current bow range the noise is not the concern when shooting. Your reaction to the noise is.
    The usual lower third of a deers chest target allows a deer ducking to take off if you are concerned one nervous deer can begin to react in time.

    Try varied models from varied companies.
    Find out service requirement averages.
    It's a personal decision to use a crossbow when legal. I went from lowering poundage of a compound in the cold , to not being able to group consistently years later. Not a confident way to hunt...

    If it keeps you hunting , why not?
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    I got excalibur micro and enjoy it. I got extra set of limbs and I can change everything out my self if I have a limb break
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    "Under Da Bridge"
    Any of the 3 you mentioned,all are high quality and reputable companys.Your choice.
    Perhaps more important is the optics you will use!
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    I just bought a TenPoint Turbo M1 from a shop in Wisconsin for $1229.59 total. It included the crossbow, Rangemaster scope, acudraw pro, case, 9 pro elite arrows, 6 broadheads, maintenance kit, and a sling. That price included shipping to my house, which was less than 1 week. It is a great crossbow and the package literally has everything you need to hunt.

    I have hunted with a crossbow or compound bow each season for the last 6 years (depending on which one I felt like taking in the tree with me on any particular hunt). I can tell you from experience, this package has everything you need to hunt. I will also add that I bought the SDS separately and am waiting on its arrival. It’s not needed for hunting, but I do believe it helps absorb some vibration based on my other crossbow (which is also a TenPoint that I bought used and has held up great).

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    Excaliber micro,Small,simple,don’t have to shoot to unload,i remove my string from end of season til i start practicing again.
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    Excalibur is nice for working on by your self, I own one. Ten point has a great reputation all around. I have spoken with people that supply them on the manufacturing end an hear they are top notch and cut no corners. To buy another xbow the Wicked Ridge (ten point) RDX 400 would be on my short list.
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    Ditto on the Excalibur xbow recommendations.

    I bought the "entry level" Excalibur Axiom (305 fps) 7 years ago & still use it.

    Since the initial purchase though, I've added the Excalibur C2 crank cocking aid (now discontinued), dissipater bars, REDS dampeners, coated stirrup, & Twilight DLX scope.

    Look into buying an xbow package instead of just the xbow. I learned the hard way that upgrading after the initial purchase can get pricey.
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    Without a doubt Excalibur.

    The simple construction (no pulleys), the ability to unload without shooting, and superior customer service are all huge pluses. They have a bow now with a built in crank for both loading and unloading.

    I still hunt with my Hoyt, but also use my Excalibur Matrix 380.
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    Have had the ten point turbo xlt for about 8 years now. No issues. Is a little heavy. Only 12 or 13 inches wide when at full draw.
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    Another vote for excalibur. I own a Matrix 355 and have no complaints. I have friends that have the micro series and no complaints from them either. The ability to change/swap strings myself is a bonus and I usually take the string off in the off season.
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    !0 pt turbo .Bad shoulder forced me to go crossbow this year .Bullseye at 20-30-40 yards right out of the box .