Looking for advice from handicapped sportsmen.

Discussion in '4 Wheeling - ATVs' started by Marlin Mike, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Hi I have been recently been advised that I may not walk again.. I am wondering what options there may be out there for an utv that is capable of being equiped with hand controls. Thank you for any responces.
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    Sorry to hear that. You may want to contact a dealer.
    They should be able to help I would think.

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    Bummer Mike. Stay strong!

    I did a quick Google of "hand controlled atv for handicap" and got a bunch of hits. I'm not an ATV guy so I'm not one who would know what's best but I did want to give you some ideas. I'm thinking there are lots of options out there so keep looking until you find something that works.

    I know you will. Good luck fellow sportsman!
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    I looked up hand controls for golf carts and saw multiple options.
    A friend had them on his ,and on his van but we had a dislike for the conversion company , one they earned...

    Money/budget will affect your choices.
    As will the uniqueness of your abilities.
    Joystick controlled electric chairs come around with used price points not making them completely prohibitive. They ,like most equipment have limitations.
    An action track chair will rock and roll , at a price starting around $9000...

    How you will transport a ride matters.
    As will transferring to it from a chair.
    There have been prototype ($50,000?) rigs I've seen that a chair can be driven onto. (A 6 wheeled electric outfit).
    Missed seeing a test drive on trike type with the engine(gas) mounted on the front forks (?) my friend thought interesting.
    Again , there is the transport to consider if you are using it away from home.
    Loading,unloading, transferring to , ect.

    Some electric wheelchairs have been in some rough terrain including some snow.
    I can't recommend such for the solo hunter. Though a fearless friend used to drive one down two roads to his blind...
    Chairs fitted to a bracket (a bolt head sticks out from below the chair) in a converted vans cab are most versatile for not having to transfer or haul a trailer or fight a rear mounted carrier for the chair.

    I used an electric cart to hunt for a while. Had a lift put on it. But am able to load/unload off a trailer and transfer with ease from a chair. But usually use crutches with the cart.

    Recent hunting is from a chair.
    Did pick up a low use Jazzy electric chair for fifty bucks that had sat awhile.. (The low back seat might have deterred other prospective buyers? But allows me to reach over it. Even to pivot that direction. Tore it down,cleaned it up ,and replaced batteries.
    Need a way to haul it and I could use it to hunt. Within it's limitations.
    Meanwhile it's on standby , should it's use be needed prematurely.

    A chairs cushion is the vital link. (Cushion is a vague term for what's involved)
    Yes a chair needs to fit your specific dimensions , but when dealing with a used one , the cushion is very important. Figure that into your cost , and don't scrimp on it.
    The wrong cushion can kill you.

    Hang in there.
    Patience really is a virtue.
    Rehab will determine where you are.
    Time will confirm or deny your diagnosis.
    Look ahead to getting out again.
    If it's different , it's different. But it's still getting out.