Looking for a trip to Canada Fishing/Hunting - Check out our Perchin for MS Auction

Discussion in 'Out of State Ice Fishing' started by Perchin For MS, Feb 25, 2018.

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    Hey everyone;

    I know many of you love the winter perch fishing up here on Simcoe, but I thought some might also be looking for a deal on a summertime fishing trip or fall hunt. I run the Perchin for MS ice fishing tourney and as part of it, we host an auction also. Money goes to help those with MS. Anyway, we get some amazing trips donated and they always go for a deal. check it out. www.perchinforms.com
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    5 of us are heading over from Detroit on Thursday. Is the Event a go or has it been cancelled? We'd love to check it out and participate in the tourney if so. Let me know.