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    A couple of weeks ago - I was sitting on the front porch just after daylight and noticed the pair of Bluebirds that had been busy feeding their 5 babies were all of a sudden acting strange and not going in and out of the nest box at all. I walked over and opened the box and sure enough there was a Rat snake all coiled up in there. I grabbed it and pulled it out but it was too late, the SOB had eaten all 5 baby Bluebirds. The adults hung around acting lost for a few days and then cleaned out an old woodpecker nest hole in the front yard Mimosa tree and built another nest in there and are now incubating eggs again. I belatedly installed the snake and Coon guard on the nest box pole.
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    Once a coon learns what nest boxes are they will clean them out every year .I learned that the hard way .
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