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Legislative Update: House Bill 5321: Ending the sterilization of game species in Michigan

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by itchn2fish, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Michigan United Conservation Clubs is excited to reinvigorate a long-standing tradition of the Michigan Out-of-Doors Conservation Insider — a weekly email that rounds up the previous week's legislative happenings, staff blogs and anything else of importance that our members should know. This email will be as inclusive as possible in regards to everything Michigan United Conservation Clubs is working on. This will be your place to look for legislative updates, event reminders and MUCC meetings.

    Legislative Update:
    House Bill 5321: Ending the sterilization of game species in Michigan

    • We have continually asked for your support of this bill and to call your legislators to make your support known.
    • The bill was voted out of its subcommittee last week, and despite some late-in-the-game proposed amendments by those opposed, Michigan United Conservation Clubs was able to move the bill forward with language that we wanted.
    • Current language would allow Ann Arbor to run its course with the current research permit, but it would not allow the department to issue any more sterilization permits until at least 2022.
    • This bill has been referred to the House Natural Resources Committee, and we may again call on your support to get this pushed through
    Senate Bills 302 and 303: Land Managment

    • "Our priorities for land management include ensuring robust public engagement for any proposed land transaction: sale, exchange or acquisition. We are also working to ensure that areas essential for public recreation and wildlife remain off the table for sale by the state," said Michigan United Conservation Clubs Executive Director Dan Eichinger. "Lastly, we remain focused on seeing the adoption of the Managed Public Lands Strategy which provides key guidance on future land management decisions."
    • No action is needed by our members at this time.
    DNR Appropriations

    • We have been working to ensure that chronic wasting disease receives a separate line item of at least $1M in the department's $2.6M wildlife disease budget. $1M is what the department allocated last fiscal year to CWD and we would like to see at least that amount again this year.
    Michigan Department of Agriculture Appropriations

    • MUCC has been monitoring MDARD's proposed appropriations. Currently, they have set no money aside for wildlife disease. However, amendments are likely being brought forward to change that.
    House Bill 5416: Adoption of hunter pink as a safe alternative to hunter orange

    • This bill is currently dead. MUCC opposed this bill in all forms. The safety of hunter pink has not been scientifically proven, and until it is, we will not support any form of legislation that advocates for the use of any color when afield except hunter orange.
    House Bill 5180: The use of airbows

    • MUCC opposed the original language in this bill.
    • However, after amendments were brought forward that would allow only those with a documented disability to use them, MUCC became neutral.
    MUCC Calendar March 12 through March 18
    3/15 - 3/18 - Michigan United Conservation Clubs and Michigan Out-of-Doors will be at the Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids. Details can be found by clicking here.

    3/17 - MUCC's OTG program will be hosting an event in the Dansville State Game Area. Projects will include improving hunter access trails and building rabittat. More information about this event and more can be found at MUCC's On the Ground page.

    Weekly Staff Blogs for 3/7 - 3/9
    3/7/2018 - Wild Game Wednesdays: New Gourmet Gone Wild Coordinator Ashley Bur tempts our taste buds with this recipe for bear stuffed mushrooms.


    3/8/2018 - MUCC's Wildlife Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Topp talks falconry in improved habitat areas. This blog is not only interesting, it has some great photos attached to it. Check it out!


    3/9/2018 - The camp season is almost here! It's time to start thinking about sending your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter to Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth Camp at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center.


    Thanks for checking out this week's Michigan Out-of-Doors Conservation Insider. As always, pick up Michigan Out-of-Doors at Walmart, Meijer, Target, Kroger, Barnes and Noble, CVS, Walgreens and various other locations throughout the state. Our spring 2018 edition hit newsstands March 1, and I look forward to hearing some feedback about it.

    Enjoy Michigan's great outdoors this week — it looks like spring might be in the forecast,

    Nick Green, Editor and MUCC Public Information Officer
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    Regarding House Bill 5321 Ending sterilization of game species in Michigan.
    Is there any way to find out, What kind of game species were being sterilized? Comorants?
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