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Legislation to Repeal “Permit-to-Purchase” to be Heard on Tuesday, June 8

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by jimp, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Friday, June 04, 2010

    The Michigan House Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources Committee will consider a pair of bills which will eliminate Michigan’s onerous “permit-to-purchase” for handguns.

    House Bill 5972, sponsored by State Representative Kim Meltzer (R-33), and House Bill 5973, authored by State Representative Joel Sheltrown (D-103), would eliminate this bureaucratic obstacle, which has been obsolete since the national instant check system went into effect in 1998. Under the current system, gun buyers must apply with their local law enforcement agency and pass a written test before being authorized to buy a handgun. The “permit” is good for only one gun and it expires after 10 days.

    This important pro-Second Amendment legislation will be heard before the House panel on Tuesday, June 8 at 10:30 a.m. Please contact the committee members and respectfully ask them to support HB5972 and HB5973. Contact information can be found below:

    State Representative Joel Sheltrown (D-103), Chairman
    (517) 373-3817

    State Representative Jim Slezak (D-50), Majority Vice Chairman
    (517) 373-3906

    State Representative Jim Stamas (R-98), Minority Vice Chairman
    (517) 373-1791

    State Representative Kate Ebli (D-56)
    (517) 373-2617

    State Representative Mike Huckleberry (D-70)
    (517) 373-0834

    State Representative Richard LeBlanc (D-18)
    (517) 373-2576

    State Representative Steven Lindberg
    (517) 373-0498

    State Representative Woodrow Stanley (D-34)
    (517) 373-8808

    State Representative James Bolger (R-63)
    (517) 373-1787

    State Representative Geoff Hansen (R-100)
    (517) 373-7317

    State Representative Kenneth Horn (R-94)
    (517) 373-0837