Last trip for the season

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    I wanted to get out last Wednesday but I just hate when responsibility gets in the way. The boys decided they were going to go in their boat, the Thin Ice. I told them to let me know how it goes. At 7:15 the first text came in, FISH ON Greg's got one.
    Few minutes later I got this text. Way to go Greg! Nice fish.

    Well the day wore on and I heard no more and then in the early afternoon as the story goes, they were reeling in and calling it a day and all of the sudden WHAM, FISH ON. Ryan got this dandy one here.

    They wanted to go back out one more time on Thursday and I went along to. Ryan and me in my boat and Greg in theirs. It was a pleasant day and we hooked up once and lost it. around 11 Greg hooked up on the Thin Ice.
    Sure was a lot of fun to watch him boat that one all by himself.
    Big congrats Greg. We figured with the rain coming our not so fit for the rivers boats, might not be a smart idea and time for us to start hitting the inland lakes. We had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again next season. Thanks for reading.
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    They certainly are a blast. Congrats.
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