Lake Erie Steel Meet n Greet II, reaching out.

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    I dont know if many are not seeing this post at the top of the stickies or simply ice fishing. Just in case it is I am posting this here as well.

    Guys the Deadline for registration is approaching quickly. Right now I have only half of what I was hoping to have. if your planning on attending I need to know. There is a lot of behind the meeting work that needs to get done and for that I also need an accurate number.

    This meeting is an excellent place to meet up with a core group of people that fish for Lake Erie Steelhead. Many techniques will be shared, discussed and a great fish dinner provided. will meet with other sports fisherman who you can network with both on the off the water for the most recent fishing reports. You will learn here in one evening what it has taken many of us years to learn trial and error method.

    Contact me if your planning on attending. We can host about 70 people.