John Milner Off Set Reel

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    Pictured is my John Milner Off Set Reel that I asked John to build for me a few years ago, sounds like he is getting requests to add the off set to his options for his reels. Just to let you know I really like this reel and it helps in the cold weather to not have your hand in contact with the reel seat on your rod, also much easier to feather the spool once you get used to it.

    The post is from John's FB page and although it is not an option yet, there seems to be interest so you can check it out on his web site.

    Hey there fellas and gals, I'm getting a number of requests for a John Spahr style offset foot. This foot/bracket conversion could be an 'optional extra' to my line of reels. I'd like your input on the utility and practicality of this feature.

    Thank you for your input. Please see photo below.

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