Joe Taylor Black Yak Blueing info request

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    Looking for some information on a couple of guns.
    I have an impressive sporterized mauser in a 22-250 cal. with a target barrel and carved monte carlo style stock, this gun is clearly stamped on the barrel Joe Taylor Black Yak Blueing Flint MI.
    The second gun came from the same estate and is also a sporterized mauser in a 6mm/244cal. also impressively customized and simaliar to the first one, but it's marked "Red - Fox - Spec-" on the barrel.
    They look as if the same person customized them both. I've found bits and pieces on Joe Taylor thru internet searches, but not quite enough to figure out if I should credit both these pieces of art to him.
    I did read that Joe's son "Buck" followed behind him and did some custom work, did his son sign his work, and if so, does anyone know what or how he signed it?
    Thanks in advance for any information anyone can lend.
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    hi. my name is meghan and joe taylor was my great great grandpa and buck was my great uncle (he recently just passed away). but i can put you in touch with someone who would know all about it. one of my other uncle's. [email protected] just put "joe taylor" in the subject line. thanks.
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    Saginaw, MI
    I found this on William's gun sight's website in oct 2016 and bought it the next day. I've always had a thing for Mausers, blond stocks, and pretty rifles. This is all 3 so it was a no brainer to bring it home. i am enjoying finding its history. I have a few custom rifles but this has quickly become my favorite. I cant explain how it feels in my hands, kind of like it was meant for me to have. To any of Joe's family you can rest assured It will be used and loved. I took this buck with its first shot at game. I did change the trigger to a timney and pulled the old redfield off and added a vortex hs. It is a Santa Barbara commercial mauser action and is a .270 win.[​IMG]
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