Is the MLF nearing its end?

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    There has been alot of talk about anglers being upset with MLF and now they are having money issues. They couldnt schedule their regular events because of covid. Sponsors pulled out. They ended their season short with the sturgeon bay tournament. Then they created 3 FLW super tournaments where MLF anglers were allowed to participate. The issue was they charged the anglers whineanted to participate $15k. That didnt sit well with many as they were promised free buyin tournaments and they dontnhave des with sponsors to pay their buyins.

    The final MLF free tournament which was scheduled to pay 100K to the winner paid 65k. Between the sponsors leaving and the purchase of FLW cost..... rumors are circling about them being broke. Now the MLF is proposing they charge anglers to fish next season. Anlgers are under a 3 yr contract which ends after next yr. They charged anglers who left this season 50k to leave. The bassmaster elite series is doing well. Alot of top anglers left the FLW to try their luck at opens and qualify for elites. Bassmaster was able to strike a live tv deal on ESPN2 with the cancellation of many other sports right now. That has worked out well for them.

    One more nail in the coffin could be the newly organized national professional fishing league. They are offering huge payout tournaments for anglers to make a living at. They are also scheduling their events around the bassmaster opens so anglers can try to re enter the elite series.

    It all makes me wonder if guys will go back to elite series and the NPFL which could end up like the old FLW used to be.
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