Ion Ice Augers

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    I guess after a Google search, I find it's fairly common.

    They should FIX that~!
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    That is my main beef with the Ion, I don't really trust the battery indicator lights.

    I'm still using my original battery from 5 years ago, and every time I come back from the ice, I just throw it on the charger. Otherwise, yeah, you can end up with that pausing phenomenon, it's indicative of the battery getting low regardless of what those indicator lights say.

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    I seem to remember a you tube video of a ION demo and they said the battery was all or nothing. I have the 10" and have never drilled more than 20 holes in a day and have not had a battery issue. Just as mentioned before --the blades icing. I attached my old hand auger blade to the extension provided with the ION as a backup and can switch out to that if needed. I have never owned another power auger so I am not able to compare.
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    I have a 5 year old Ion 8 inch with the "cutting out" issue. Start drilling a hole and it stops, but it feels like there is still torque on the handle. I called Ion today. Explained the issue and what was happening. The tech asked if it would run fine out of the hole. The answer is yes. The tech said the battery isn't holding enough volts to finish drilling the hole. He said I need a new battery. He also said the battery indicator lights have nothing to do with this issue.
    Not what I wanted to hear as I am, IMO, a very light user of the Ion, maybe 2 dozen holes a week and it is always charged at night. Also, my blades are new.
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    Lithium rechargable batteries are a great improvement over older technology batteries. Storing them for the off season at 100% charge is a bad thing and so is not letting them come to room temperature before recharging. Ion could perhaps do a better job of informing their customers but most probably won't listen anyway and do things the old way.

    Instead of posting links for everyone, I suggest running a Google search on something like "how to properly store and maintain lithium batteries" and see for yourself. This will also be a big issue for the automakers and their government mandated electric's just physics. I think I may buy some battery stock cause people will never listen and I could make some ignorance money for a while.

    My Ion still runs great! If I could get a snowblower attachment it would be even better!!!